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The Best Energy Drinks For Gamers

If you’re here then you want to know what the best energy drinks for gamers are, and you’ve come to the right spot.

If you’re an avid gamer like me, then there’s a good chance that you’ll have plenty of gaming sessions that last for hours at a time. This is all well and good but this can take a lot out of you so you’re going to need a constant supply of energy. The best way to get this energy boost is, by far, energy drinks.

The issue is there are a lot of different brands of energy drinks out there so choosing which one you want to accompany you on your gaming adventure can be pretty tricky.

Here’s a list of the best energy drinks for gamers:

  1. Sneak Energy
  3. Monster Energy
  4. G Fuel
  5. Rogue Energy
  6. JuJu
  7. Gamer Supps

The Best Energy Drinks For Gamers

Don’t panic however, we here at CodeWithMike have compiled this list of what we believe to be the best gaming energy drinks that any gamer must try. So if you’re playing with your friends, solo, or streaming your gameplay online make sure you have plenty of energy by picking up one of the brands below.

Sneak Energy

Sneak Energy, the best gaming energy drink.
Sneak Energy, maybe the best gaming energy drink brand?

Sneak Energy is quite possibly my favourite energy drink brand on the market. The Raspberry Lemonade flavour is to die for. And what’s more, it’s nutritional value is pretty good too, at just 12 calories per serving and zero sugar; what’s not to love?

If you’re not a fan of the lemonade, they have 15 flavors in total, so you’ll find something you like.

The fruity citrus kick will perk you up on those epic gaming all nighters. What’s great about Sneak is that it’s also, I think, one of the cheapest drinks you can get, at just $0.99 per serving. They also make use of natural colors and flavors.

Hit the button below to check out their combo pack, you’ll get a huge 40 serving tub and 3 sample sachets, which is great value.


A brand new entry on my list.

I’ve heard great things about EBOOST SUPER FUEL drinks lately. What sets them apart is their commitment to using natural ingredients. For instance, they use natural caffeine sourced from Green Coffee Seed and Green Tea, which is a game-changer. This natural caffeine doesn’t cause those dreaded jitters or crashes that are often associated with synthetic caffeine. It’s a refreshing choice for those who want an energy boost without the side effects.

But it’s not just the caffeine that makes EBOOST SUPER FUEL special. They go the extra mile by using natural flavors and sweeteners, like honey, instead of artificial additives. I love that they steer clear of sucralose, which is a big deal for those who want a healthier energy drink option. Plus, each can is packed with 10 vitamins and minerals, including vitamin C, D, B3, B6, B12, Folate, and Zinc. They even throw in some nootropics like L-tyrosine, natural caffeine, and L-Theanine, giving you a mental boost along with your physical energy. And to top it all off, they’re Non-GMO, making them a great choice for anyone looking for a clean, natural, and effective energy drink.

The products look fantastic too, they’re a fun blend of looking cool and looking like a brand that cares what’s inside of the can. Hit the button below to check EBOOST out, it’ll take you to their website.

Monster Energy

Probably one of the most well known energy drinks on this list is Monster Energy. Monster is easily accessible in most retail stores and comes in so many different flavours that you’re spoiled for choice.

26 different flavours to be exact, ranging from original to espresso salted caramel. With such a wide variety you can be sure that there’s a flavour out there for you!

What’s great about Monster Energy is it’s relatively cheap and you don’t have to have to order it online to get a can. It’s the perfect drink for keeping awake on raid night.

G Fuel

GFuel is up there as one of the best gaming energy drinks.
GFuel is up there as one of the best gaming energy drinks.

Next on the list is G Fuel. Now if you’ve spent any time on Youtube or Twitch you’ll have probably seen G Fuel. This brand has been promoted by all sorts of gaming content creators from FaZe Clan to PewDiePie and everyone in between.

When it comes to G Fuel flavours you’re definitely spoilt for choice, and the best part is a lot of the flavours are inspired by the creators that they team with. G Fuel actively participates as a part of the gaming community which makes them a great choice for any gamer.

When it comes to price G Fuel might not be the cheapest up-front as when you purchase it you’re buying essentially in bulk. You can either buy the powder version which stretches to around 40 servings or you can buy the premade can version in 4 or 12 packs.

It’s available on Amazon or from Gfuel directly.

Rogue Energy

Maybe one of the lesser known energy drink brands out there is Rogue Energy. Whilst you don’t hear about Rogue Energy as much as the likes of Monster or G Fuel it shouldn’t be scoffed at. 

With 15 different flavoured tubs on their website they might not have the huge variety like other brands but the choice they do have are of a wide enough variety that you’ll be sure to find something you love. As for the price, each tub will run you $34.99 or £26.41 if you’re in the UK.

So what’s the best part about Rogue Energy? If you want to test it before committing to paying the full price you can actually get three free samples so you can try different flavours and all you need to do is pay for the shipping.

JuJu Is easily one of the best energy drinks

JuJu is most certainly one of the best energy drinks for gamers.
JuJu is most certainly one of the best energy drinks for gamers.

Do you want energy without those annoying jitters or the energy crashes you get from most products? Well this next brand might be for you. JuJu Energy is designed specifically for gamers to make sure they have energy for hours without the adverse effects.

With 11 different flavours to choose from you might not have the range that you want the flavours that they do cover, what I believe to be, enough bases to make most people happy. Each tub will cost you $35.99 or £27.17 each, however you can get a monthly subscription which comes with 15% off.

JuJu Energy is a must for long gaming sessions, the fact that you aren’t left feeling jittery or having a sugar crash really helps you concentrate for hours on end and still feel refreshed afterwards.

Gamer Supps

Gamer Supps has been making big moves in the gaming, and more specifically esports community recently, and with good reason. Gamer Supps has tons of great reviews and contains vitamins and organic caffeine making it, relatively, healthy.

If you did want to buy some Gamer Supps then it’ll cost you $35.99 or £27.17. This is for a tub that contains 100 servings, which if you think about it is good value for money. There are also options for tubs with less servings if you don’t want to commit to a single flavour for too long.

Gamer Supps seems to be enjoyed by many gamers and their use of organic caffeine helps to alleviate the effects of sugar crashes without sacrificing any of the energy boost that you need for those late night gaming sessions.

So there you have it, our comprehensive list of the best gaming energy drinks. There are plenty of energy drinks out there to try so we hope we’ve helped you narrow down your choices for your next favourite gaming energy drink.

Amazing Energy Drinks For Gamers

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