STM Mag Loop Review
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STM Mag Loop Review

To get straight to the point, I didn’t think I’d like this at first. When I was first asked to review this magsafe accessory I couldn’t see myself using it. Fast forward two weeks and I’ve used it a hell of a lot.

So what is it? The STM Mag Loop is a magsafe compatible 3 in 1 accessory. It has a finger loop, kickstand and a bottle opener. It comes in either grey or black, isn’t too bulky and is a really rather simple idea.

In the past, if you wanted a stand for your phone you either purchased a rather sizable metal one, which was well made, but too big. Or, you bought one that you had to stick in place, which caused a right mess when the time came to trade-in your phone for the next model.

That’s where the STM Mag Loop comes in, it solves both of those issues.

STM Mag Loop Review

So, we know what this is for now, but is it any good? Yes it is. But, we’ll go through it step by step and review each element of the product before deciding on a score.

First up, first impressions.

I am familiar with STM Goods stuff, I’ve reviewed a handful of things on the blog so I have a good understanding of what they are about. One thing I do know for sure is that they have a really strong brand and it’s extremely consistent across all of their products. The Mag Loop is no different.

The box is branded with the STM logo and is made with good quality cardboard. It’s an interesting shape and works well. I really like the ‘viewing window’, it makes it easier to see the product without opening the packaging. But, having said that I don’t think it’s necessary any more, what with a lot of tech and gadget shopping being done online.

Plastic Use

I can think of a few of improvements which could be made. Firstly, I’d get rid of the plastic hanger, used to display it on a shop rack. If STM could integrate this into the packaging using cardboard, that would help improve the sustainability of it.

The second improvement I’d suggest is to remove the ‘viewing window’ or replace it with recyclable or certified compostable materials.

And finally, the inner tray could be made with a cardboard alternative.

It’s not the most amount of single use plastic ever used, but for such a small product it should be greatly reduced, if not eliminated all together.

Build Quality & Features

Here’s where this product and others I’ve reviewed by STM excel. The MagLoop’s magsafe mounting is well built and the magnet is extremely strong.

It’s super simple to use and once you’ve got it out of the box you’ll have it stuck on the back of your phone in seconds.

I really like how solid it feels, at the centre of the Magloop is the metal core, I imagine it’s aluminium, which primarily functions as the bottle opener, which I tested out last weekend. I had the headache the next day to prove it! The flush metal edge makes it actually really easy to pop caps off of bottles.

It’s got a silicon finger loop which is perfect if you’re taking a video. For example, I used it whilst walking backwards to capture a video of my dog running around a freshly ploughed field. It enabled me to stabilise the shot, helping capture better footage.

I don’t take selfies, usually. But, I imagine it’d help with that too.

The silicon finger loop shouldn’t really be used to secure your phone to anything. As I pulled it away from the main unit it didn’t tear, it just came out of the mounting position.

It was easy to put back and I don’t think it’d be fair to mark it down for this reason. STM themselves even advise not to use this product to secure your phone to anything.

The outer ring acts as the stand for your phone and it’s this part of the Magloop that I utilised most. I used it to position my phone behind my keyboard to watch some YouTube clips whilst I was working.

I also used it in portrait mode for a WhatsApp video call. Portrait mode works well on my phone, it didn’t budge and allowed me to catch up with some friends in India.

I think some of the iPhone plus models may be a bit too big for it, as the plastic loop may not be low enough to create a good viewing angle. Basically, it feels as if it’d fall over.

Overall I really like this product and I still have it attached to my phone nearly two weeks later. I’ve used it more than I thought I would, infact I may just get rid of my old phone stand to free up a bit of clutter on my desk.

Summary & Verdict

It’s smallish form factor, amazing build quality and iPhone safe magnetic mount make this an ideal replacement for your current finger loop and/or phone stand.

Score: 7/10

There’s really not much to dislike about it. It’s around £29 / $29, I just feel it’s £2 or £3 above what I’d be willing to pay. Having said that though, you’ll probably find it cheaper during sale events, such as Amazon’s Prime Day or via the STM website.

If STM also do something about the single use plastic in future versions, it’d get a 10/10.

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