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Skully Release Date

Skully Release Date has been announced. Indie publishing label Modus Games with developer Finish Line Games today released extended gameplay from Skully, a charming action-adventure platformer starring a reanimated skull.

It’s headed to Nintendo Switch, PS4, PC, and Xbox One on 4th August 2020.

Skully Release Date announced

You can read the full press release here:

Today’s video showcases the headstrong protagonist’s ability to nimbly cross lush stretches of a sprawling island paradise, hopping across stepping-stone pathways with ease and twisting through perilous caverns pooling with scorching lava.

Aided by powerful new forms sculpted from the isle’s pools of magical clay and an endearingly graceless ally named Terry, Skully always finds a way to clear (or crash through) obstacles, be they perplexing puzzles or impassable piles of stone.

Skully Release Date Announcement Trailer

See Skully’s unyielding agility in action by viewing the full gameplay trailer here:

Skully follows the peculiar journey of a skull brought back to life by an enigmatic deity desperate to save an island from the devastation it faces if Terry doesn’t mend fences with his feuding siblings. Players will leverage clay-boosted powers as they tumble through the island’s seven distinct ecosystems, conquering tricky platforming, encountering colorful locals, and outwitting environmental puzzles to discover the mystery at the heart of the land’s bubbling quarrel.

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