Sades Spirits Headset Review
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Sades Spirits Gaming Headset Review

Here’s my Sades Spirits Gaming Headset Review. So this one is new for me. I’ve recently been given my first opportunity to review a bit of technology that fits perfectly into my day to day life. Sades recently sent me one of their Spirits Gaming Headsets to test out and review.

Sades had already been on my radar as I’ve been looking for a new headset to replace my worn out one and after looking around they seemed like a good fit. These headphones have great specs and, even better, are very affordable, with the Spirits line costing around £21.99 on amazon.

So, let’s start off with my first impressions then jump into the quality, sound quality and ease of use.

Sades Spirits Gaming Headset Review

When I first opened the package I noticed the box was slightly damaged in transit, however this was odd because the box is rather sturdy for what you’d expect from cardboard. 

The design on the box is very minimalistic, this isn’t to say that’s bad, even though there isn’t a lot going on what is there is very eye-catching. You can easily learn all you need to know from the box, from all the platforms you can use it on, to the easy-use features.

So as is natural with headsets you do get some added accessories in the box, or should I say accessory, you get a Y-cable included to connect the headset to a PC.

Both the Y-cable and the initial cable are both braided, this was great for me because I have a cat that loves to attack things all the time. The braided cables hold together really well and are very flexible for people like me who like to move around a lot when they’re gaming.

Sades Spirits Review
Sades Spirits Review

Build Quality

Obviously when using a headset the most important thing (apart from the sound quality) is how long it is going to be comfortable to wear and how long before it begins to wear down.

I can’t say much for the latter as I haven’t had the headset for long enough, however the plastic used for the casing is very sturdy and feels like it will be long lasting. As for the cable, I’ve already talked about it but because it is braided it has a much longer lifespan than just a regular plastic cable. I think it’s fair to say that you will have this headset in your life for a good few years before you have any problems with wear and tear.

So is the headset comfortable to wear? In short, yes. The padding on the bar that goes over your head is a good amount to keep your head comfortable for hours on end.

The ear muffs fit perfectly around my ears (maybe I’m just lucky there) and also have a very good amount of padding. I’ve had issues with past headsets where I could feel the plastic where the speakers were in the ear muffs but you won’t have this problem with the Sades Spirits. The ear muffs are made of leather but also very skin friendly. I played for around 4 hours in one sitting and didn’t have any irritation on my ears, that’s 4 hours without any break either.

I did find one issue with the comfort though. When I game I usually wear blue light glasses to stop myself getting headaches, this issue is that the headphones aren’t the most accommodating for the use of glasses. It is difficult to get glasses to sit comfortably or vice versa when using both them and the headset in tandem. It’s not a huge issue but after a few hours I did start to notice it.

Back to the cables, both the cable in the headset and the additional Y-cable are 1.2m each, this means you have plenty of room to move and aren’t tied down to your desk or wherever you choose to game/listen to music. The fact that it is only one cable too means that anyone who likes to keep their cable management as tidy as possible will find it easier than some other headsets like the Genesis Neon 750 which comes with multiple wires that tangle together.

One last thing I want to point out is that the mic can be moved from the down position, where it is used to communicate with people, to the up position so it is out of the way when you’re not using it, something that I greatly appreciated.

Sound Quality

Before being asked to do this Sades Spirits review I had been using the same headset I got from a BnM store (which is a local discount retailer) 6 years ago as I haven’t really had the funds to upgrade. I didn’t really know what to expect when I put on the Sades Spirits for the first time because I wasn’t used to anything else, however I was pleasantly surprised.

When it comes to writing reviews I’m constantly listening to music whilst I do it so sound quality means a lot to me and the Spirits delivers. Whilst it doesn’t reach the levels of quality you would find with the higher end headsets it definitely gets the job done.

Because this is a gaming headset I tested it out with a few games I had on my PC, Minecraft, 7 days to die, and CS:GO. I chose these because they have a great mix of what you need in terms of sound, Minecraft is mostly just relaxing ambient sounds, in 7 days to die you need to hear nearby zombies, and in CS:GO hearing the sounds of enemy footsteps is crucial.

I found myself being much more aware of my in-game surroundings than with my previous headset and could hear a lot more of the subtle noises in the background. I’m not saying the sound is perfect however as there were moments where it felt muffled and if the headset isn’t sat perfectly it can throw you off completely. This doesn’t change the fact that, especially for the price, the sound quality is really really good.

When it comes to the mic I asked a few of my friends to play with me. I played with each separately and asked if they could hear me better than usual and the usual answer was yes. This might not be saying a lot, it’s hard when you can’t hear it yourself, but there didn’t seem to be any issues surrounding the mic. 

Finally, music. Like I said before I listen to music constantly whenever I’m writing and the Spirits is great for this. Whilst it isn’t noise cancelling it is close enough where you won’t be bothered by outside sounds interrupting your favourite songs.

The adjustable microphone is a great design choice.
The adjustable microphone is a great design choice.

Where To Buy

Sades doesn’t have a UK section to buy from on their website, but luckily like a lot of their products you can find the Spirits on their Amazon page where you can browse a tonne of their products or click here to go straight to the item page, or hit the button below:

Sades Spirits Review Summary and Verdict

I personally love this headset and I can see it being my main headset for the foreseeable future. I really like the design and feel of it all and it is comfortable enough to use for hours on end.

Score: 8/10

Overall I would give this an 8/10. Whilst I do love this Sades offering, it isn’t without its faults and the glasses issue is a hard one to ignore.  I recommend getting the Spirits, especially if you’re on a budget. You definitely won’t regret it.

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