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Virtual Reality
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A Guide to VR in 2019

Hey, I’m Cali, and now is a better time than ever to talk about VR! 2019 is the year we’re finally seeing promising growth in the consumer industry, in my Guide to VR in 2019 I’ll tell you what you need to know.  Virtual, and a reality. Virtual reality has […]

7 Worst Locations in Dark Souls
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7 Worst Dark Souls Locations

Ah, Dark Souls. The series that we hate to love…or is it love to hate? It seems like within the Soulsborne community there are plenty of criticisms and praises. While we all have our favorite bosses and builds, we also find ourselves cringing at bits of the game. Probably the […]

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Returning to Battlefield V in 2019

It’s pretty safe to say Battlefield V suffered a challenging release. From a rather vocal group of gamers outraged at the ‘historical inaccuracies’ shown in trailers, to a lack of content at launch. In addition, a month long delay in release pushed Battlefield V back until 20th November 2018. The […]

Best PC Games 2019

The Best PC Games 2019

It’s been a bumper year for game releases so far let’s take a look at the Best PC Games 2019! Some of the games in the list haven’t even been released yet. We’re including them as we know they’ll be fantastic and become fan favourites in no time at all. […]

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What is Plex and how does it work?

What is Plex and How does it work? If you’ve been ripping your digital media and building a media library you should be asking yourself, What is plex? And, how does it work? It gives you a simple and easy way to catalogue your digital content for easy access and […]

When is Prime Day? (2020)

When is Prime Day? (2020) Amazon Prime Day

Prime Day (2020) Are you already thinking ahead to Amazon Prime Day (2020)? It’s a day that offers price reductions on thousands of products for a limited time. It’s called Prime Day, but it usually lasts anywhere between 24-36 hours. Often the deals will still be available after as well. […]