Optimizing Android OS for Gaming

With the growing popularity of gaming phones, a new product category designed to cater for esports and high performance gaming for mobile customers, regular Android users are beginning to ask what they can do to get the most out of gaming on their operating system. We take a look at what every Android user can do to prime their devices for epic gaming without having to shell out on expensive flagship devices or specialized peripherals

Thanks to the in depth customization and feature-set of the Android operating system, even relatively older or less powerful smartphones can get a significant performance boost by applying a few system tweaks. These will benefit players across the spectrum, irrespective of whether you want to be playing mobile mainstays like Clash of Clans, casino classics such as online roulette or graphically intensive games like ARK: Survival Evolved. This is due to the fact that all games perform better on a device that is optimized for stability and efficiency, leading to smoother frame-rates, faster loading times and better battery performance.

Update Android

Android has great security and stability among mobile operating systems, but to get the best out of it you need to ensure you’re keeping it regularly updated. Different manufacturers and phones receive Android updates at different speeds and schedules to one another. If you want to ensure you will receive the latest updates as soon as they’re made available, there is no substitute for using one of Google’s own Pixel phones, that run a stock version of the operating system.

As a rule of thumb, phones that run Android close to stock will be updated sooner, such as the OnePlus line of smartphones. In general, so long as your phone is up to date, Android should run competently and with the stability required to ensure it can manage resource hungry tasks like playing newer games without issue. 

Do Not Disturb

All Android phones feature a Do Not Disturb button that quickly sets your phone in a profile that blocks unwanted calls and notifications. This is useful if you’re in a meeting, or if you want to play games without undue distractions. Android’s robust notification system means that for each app you can separately select what notifications you want to receive and in what format, including the new silent notifications feature that passively notifies you of app activity through the lock screen or by pulling down the notification panel.

Ensuring your play isn’t compromised by notifications taking you out of the experience is one of the simplest and most effective ways to have a more enriching gaming session on your Android device.

Clear Cache and Hard Drive

All smartphones are constrained by the amount of on-board memory they have at their disposal at any one time. The most common cause of poor frame-rates and crashes in mobile games is a full hard drive or running out of RAM. To ensure this doesn’t happen, you can regularly clear the cache on your phone to remove unwanted junk data that may be taking up space. It’s also good practice to remove apps you don’t use from your phone, as these can take up a lot of space you can otherwise put to good use.

Finally, by using a cloud storage server, such as Google’s own Google Drive, or Dropbox, you can upload all your cherished photos and videos onto the cloud. This will free up even more space on your local hard drive, ensuring your games will run smoothly.

Game Boosting Apps

Many of the procedures listed above can be automated with the help of a Game boosting application. There are several available in the Play Store, such as Game Booster by BGNmobi. These apps are designed to function as an all-in-one gaming manager for your Android device. They will provide you with feedback as to frame-rate performance and available memory, as well as letting you quickly toggle your phone into a gaming focused activity profile, replete with notifications turned off and screen brightness turned to maximum.

Many also serve as a game launcher, where all you game apps can be stored and organized in the app, letting you quickly select and move between different games without having to search through your primary app drawer.

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