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Here’s my OneOdio A11 Review. You! Yes You! Are you tired of all these tiny earphones? People can’t see them and always disrupt your sick tunes, it’s just annoying. Well I have just the solution for you.

When I received these headphones I was really excited, they look great, and they’re very affordable, retailing at £34.98 on Amazon. 

OneOdio A11 Review

So, as with all my tech reviews I’ll start with my first impressions then move onto quality, sound quality and finally ease of use. Let’s get into it.

First Impressions

So upon receiving the headset I excitedly opened up the box and was a little disappointed if I’m being honest. The box itself looks quite good, the black, silver and white colouring with the big clear image of the headset works really well. So why was I disappointed? Well unfortunately the box had a few dents when it arrived, this wasn’t a deal breaker but I did want to point it out as they were quite noticeable.

Even with the dents the box itself is quite nice to look at, it would definitely catch your eye in a shop. It has all the information you would need, including a website where you can register for 24 months extended warranty for free.

When I opened the box I was presented with a nice leather carry bag containing the headphones. This is a great thing to have if you’re taking a trip and don’t want the headphones just loose all over the place in your bag. 

The box also contains the headphones (obviously), a micro USB charging cable (but no plug), a 3.5mm audio cable, and the user guide.

If you’re like me then you’ll love the sleek black design of the headphones, nearly all my clothing is black so I like to have headphones that match. But not only do they match, the lack of wires makes taking them with me if I head to the shops so much more convenient than being tied to my phone.

The last thing I noticed in my first impressions was that the ear-pads can fold inwards for convenient storage. It’s a little thing but it really is a nice feature.

They look quite stylish.
They look quite stylish.

Build Quality

Whenever I’m writing or even if I’m just watching youtube I tend to use headphones for long periods at a time, for this reason comfort is a major factor one whether or not headphones work for me. Luckily the A11 provides in this department.

The earpads are comfortable enough, however after around 6 hours my ears did start to hurt. This won’t be a problem for most people but for people who use headphones when working it might be an issue, so make sure to take a break from them.

The plastic that is used for the A11 doesn’t seem to be the most durable. Whilst I haven’t had any issues as of yet with any breakages I don’t think it will stand up to much pressure. I could be wrong in this regard but just by the feel of the plastic this was my opinion.

As I’m writing this OneOdio A11 review I’m using them to listen to music, but because I’m on my computer I’m having to wear my glasses. With many headphones I usually have an issue wearing both the headphones and my glasses at the same time. This isn’t the case with the A11, my glasses sit comfortably with the earpads and mean I don’t have to take a break every half an hour.

Stitching on the OneOdio A11's is well finished.
Stitching on the OneOdio A11’s is well finished.

Sound Quality

Now on to why you’re probably here, is the sound quality any good? Well yes and no.

When listening to music or even youtube through the A11 as long as I have the sound up high enough most things are ok, however if I have the sound too low then I can hear a constant buzzing that overpowers anything that I listen to. I don’t know if this is just an issue with my set or if it’s a common occurrence. Luckily I rarely have the sound that low and it does have to be quite low for it to happen.

In general the sound quality is quite good, whilst it may not always be the clearest sound out there for the price of them it is really good. The biggest issue I had was the bass. The bass can be overpowering, especially when you activate the super EQ mode, making it hard to focus on anything else going on in what you’re listening to.

Overall if you were to compare these to some of the other products on the market for around the same price then you would definitely be getting your money’s worth by buying the A11.

Ease of Use

The A11 comes with a few different features. Obviously they have bluetooth, but they also have the super EQ mode that I just mentioned, and they also have the voice assistant (but more on this later).

So how easy are each of these features to use?

The bluetooth works just like all bluetooth devices do, you turn on the bluetooth on your phone then hold the middle button on the A11 and select them on your phone. This part is easy, anyone and their grandma could do this, especially if you just follow the instructions on the user guide.

Super EQ mode is just as easy, all you have to do to activate it is press the button and hold it for two seconds. This is supposed to turn your audio into an immersive experience but as I said before it can often ruin the experience, but that would be for you to decide.

So the voice assistant may sound super fancy and you might be wondering how it would work, but all it is is using your phone’s integrated assistant, for example Siri. This isn’t a bad thing though, it is still convenient if you can’t be bothered grabbing your phone as you can even talk to them through the built in microphone.

If you were curious about the battery life on the A11 then don’t worry. The battery lasts around 24 hours when fully charged, meaning you can listen to music non stop and avoid all the people trying to talk to you.

Earcups aren't that comfortable.
Earcups aren’t that comfortable.

OneOdio A11 Review Summary and Verdict

For a relatively cheap and accessible set of headphones the A11 is a great choice, I know for one that I will be using them whenever I have to go out in public and don’t want to socialise.

Score: 6/10

Even though I like these headphones there are a few issues I’ve experienced so I’m giving them a 6/10, this could be just my headphones so I do suggest you buy or at least try the A11 especially if, like me, you’re on a budget.

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