Never Answer Calls From These Area Codes Scam Phone Numbers Guide

The scam-call culture is getting scarier by the day. With growing unemployment and tech-savvy criminals, scam calls are being used to delude people and extract money from them. A survey reported that scam calls have indeed caused a total loss of about 19.7 billion USD in 2020 in the United States.

Random calls claiming to be from the IRS, tax authorities, or congratulatory calls claiming that you have won a lottery are common. There are ways in which you can ascertain from these calls scamming you for your money.  

Scam Calls from Area Codes 

The scam call culture has also revived over time. The scammers now scam under the pretense of an international call. So, when you get a phone call from an area code you cannot recognize, direct to checking phone number for spam

The good news is that there are platforms like CocoFinder that can instantly check for a phone number for reverse phone lookup. Scammers do not give any time for their victims to think or act rationally. This is why their calls will always have a sense of urgency.

How to check for a Scam Phone Call? 

There are genuine phone calls and there are scam phone calls. There could be a set procedure that you could follow to identify a scam call. Below steps would help you in ascertaining and unearthing the truth behind such a call:

Receiving a Call

When you receive a call from a number you can’t identify, it triggers all sorts of suspicions. The most common form of such calls that will be fake are:

Fake Revenue Calls

Someone will claim to be from the Revenue department. Will claim that your taxes are due and you can face imprisonment or serious penalties for misconduct. The scammers act authoritatively to give complete feels as if from the IRS.

Fake Lottery Calls

It will be claimed that you have won a lottery or lucky draw. They will seek your bank details or seek a code from you that will come as a message to your phone. In the excitement of winning, you might share the information and answer irrationally.

Fake Bank Calls

When we get a call from the bank claiming that our documents need updating, we take it seriously. But, that’s not true. Scammers are using bank identification information as a basis for scamming people. 

International IVR Calls

Sometimes, you will get a call from a number that prima-facie looks international. When you answer these calls or return calls to these numbers, an IVR speaks in a different language. You will only understand the numerical the voice will say and press them on your keypad in accordance.

 The bad news is that such calls are quick inactivity. In a few moment’s actions themselves, you will end up losing your money. 

Check the Number on CocoFinder

The moment you get such a call, do not act immediately. Just head to CocoFinder and visit the website. You can then look for the Phone lookup tab and enter the relevant phone number. The moment you enter the number and press Search, you will get the results within seconds. 

The truth is that CocoFinder has a lot of verified sources in its database. Even if the said number was used in the past for any criminal activities, you will be able to see it. You will be able to check if the number belongs to an IRS official, bank, lottery, etc.

You will also be able to see the real identity of the caller and surmise if it is true or fake. You will not have to blatantly believe in the lies and scams. Instead of acting impatiently, you can head to CocoFinder and check the results.

100% Accurate Data

You don’t have to worry about the legitimacy of the data that has been provided through CocoFinder. The massive database of CocoFinder only comprises verified and authentic sources. You will not even need to second guess the accuracy of the data. 

Time Efficient

As stated earlier, scam calls will always have a sense of urgency to them. They don’t allow people to think and rationalize the proposed information. This is why, if you long for any other alternative except CocoFinder, the results can take time. 

CocoFinder is very time efficient. You will get information and details immediately. There is no wait time involved. Even if the results are to be instantly sought, you will be able to do so with this platform. 

Better than online searching for Scams

Searching for a number on CocoFinder is much better than searching the internet for the number. Everybody has access to technology and nowadays scammers are as technologically advanced as ever. 

If you search online, you will see what the scammers want you to see. They will be able to paint the picture they want you to believe. So checking information right off the internet will not serve the relevant purpose. Instead, you can just head to CocoFinder.

View All Information about the Scammer

You can see comprehensive information about the scammer. You can check their name, their address, their past felonies, everything in one single place. You can attain all this information and all of it will be reliable. There will be no reason to doubt or second guess the information. 

In addition to just seeing who called you, you can also dig deeper into the scammer. You can know about the past reports made, their real identity, and how many people have been befooled so far.


The kind of comprehensive information you get on CocoFinder will not be found anywhere else. You can directly check your phone number for spam or scam calls. The amount of losses that people have incurred through scam calls is very unnerving. 

While you cannot have control over how the scammers get your number, you can control your response. Use decisiveness and the right tools like CocoFinder to unearth the truth behind every scam call.

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