JOBY Beamo MagSafe Ring Light Review
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JOBY Beamo MagSafe Ring Light Review

I don’t get many opportunities to review really niche tech products on the blog. When I was asked to write a review for the JOBY Beamo Ring Light For MagSafe, I grabbed the chance with both hands and said yes.

The MagSafe Ring Light is exactly that, it’s a small multi-functional LED light for iPhones that are equipped with MagSafe. It’s purpose built to allow influencers and content creators who create on their phones to up their production value.

I initially thought it was just a bit of a gimmick. I’m not afraid to admit I’m wrong and on this occasion, I’m wrong. It’s super functional, off the top of my head I can instantly think of several different uses that even I could use it for. And I’m not exactly your typical Instagram model / influencer.

Let’s get into my review of the MagSafe Ring Light then and see just how well it can perform.

JOBY Beamo MagSafe Ring Light Review

It arrived promptly and well packaged. I’ve not covered much JOBY stuff on the blog so I haven’t had chance to check out much of their packaging.

The packaging is very nice indeed. It’s a white box featuring the red JOBY logo and a high res image of the MagSafe ring light. It looks like a premium product right from the get go.

Opening up the box you’re greeted with the ring light, a carry bag, charging cable and the paperwork explaining how to set up, which is pretty straightforward.

Before we get into the ring light, I wanted to touch on the carry bag. It’s a combination of blue and yellow and simply put, it looks sublime. It’s really well made and will help keep the ring light safe and scratch free.

Moving onto the ring light itself then. Who is it actually for? If you record content primarily with your iPhone it’s for you.

It’s also perfect for people who are going to be live streaming to twitch direct from your phone, you can get rid of that bulky ring light you’re currently using and simply clip on the ring light, using the included mirror to keep an eye on things.

The ring light is really well built, it’s folding design allows it to fit into your pocket when you aren’t using it. I did worry the hinge wouldn’t be that strong, but I tried to bend it fairly hard and it didn’t bend or buckle which is great to see.

I would have been able to snap it had I put more force into it, but I do think it’s strong enough for day to day content creation and you aren’t going to be purposefully trying to break it everyday.

I’ve proved that it’s really quite robust; aswell as this toughness it’s got the attention to detail to match that build quality. The quality of materials is evident. It maybe made out of plastic but it doesn’t feel plasticy, if that makes sense.

The button to turn on the light offers a satisfying click and good tactile feedback. It’s got four brightness levels and the max level is super bright, it’s almost too bright to look at.

It’s got up to 4 hours run time and is re-charged using the included USB-C charging cable. The only let down so far is the bundled cable, it’s a generic unbranded one and doesn’t seem like it’ll last the life time of the product. Only time will tell, but most people have a spare one laying around somewhere.

The USB-C charging port is hidden at the bottom of the unit, it’s perfectly positioned to not get in the way.

The MagSafe part of it holds firm and doesn’t budge without a good bit of force, so it’ll hold still whilst you’re recording or streaming your videos.

Speaking of recording videos, how does it perform? The unit offers a lovely brilliant white light that ensures you don’t have any awkward shadows or dark spots in your footage. The 5600k colour temperature is perfect for everything, from recording selfie monologues to unboxing videos.

It’ll most definitley help to level up your video production, that’s for sure.

Summary & Verdict

Overall, I’m really impressed with this fairly niche product and I can see myself using it to record some unboxing videos in the future. I do think it’s a little overpriced for what it is though, if I’m completely honest.

There are cheaper alternatives out there, but perhaps not with the same convenience that the JOBY MagSafe ring light offers.

Score: 7 / 10

At over £45 which is nearly $50 I personally think it’s too much. Having said that, it does serve a niche purpose and is really well made by a reputable brand. If you decide to go ahead and buy it, check the latest price by hitting the button below. You never know, it may be on sale. If it was slightly cheaper, I’d certainly be giving it a higher score.

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