Is Mobile the Future of Sports Betting?

It is no secret that sports betting in the US has completely changed since the Supreme Court’s decision in 2018 to effectively hand the legislation back to individual states. Over half the country can now bet legally and millions of Americans have now signed up for new customer accounts.

Whether it is reading a Bovada review on a website, or catching an advert during a televised game, more people than ever before have begun to explore the world of online gambling. Many of them have turned immediately to mobile to do so. Is this the future of sports betting?

Why is Mobile So Popular?

The short answer to this question is convenience. In a few short years, US citizens have gone from having to make the trip to Las Vegas or Atlantic City and placing a bet at one of the few available sportsbooks, to making their selections in the comfort of their homes.

Now that you can bet online in most places there is never any reason to have to leave it for later. Betting on the go has become the new norm. It is the same case for casino gaming as well. As long as you are registered with an online sportsbook you can gamble safely wherever you are – and whenever you like.

Access to Mobile

It is not just in the US that customer account holders are turning to mobiles for their betting. People all over the world have made it the most popular way of gambling – and that doesn’t look like changing anytime soon. An interesting point to note is that mobile betting is still just as common when the customer is at home.

That’s because the access to computers – let alone actual physical, bricks and mortar sportsbooks – is scarcer. But mobile phones have become the norm just about everywhere. In many developing countries around the world, mobile betting is actually the only choice many times.

Payment Options

Financial systems have also changed remarkably in the last few years – and the betting industry has kept up with the pace. It is in their interest to provide easier ways to move money around betting, so the range of payment methods available at most good sportsbooks is impressive.

Mobile money services and providers that allow funds to be transferred through phones are particularly popular in parts of the developing world. But there are millions of bettors who use e-wallets and other mobile services to pay for all kinds of goods and services. Why should betting be any different?

Rise of the Apps

Alongside the increase in financial services accessed on mobile phones, the sheer number of apps available for all platforms shows a pattern of how many businesses work. Most online sportsbooks have a downloadable app to ensure that their customers are fully looked after.

People expect to be able to conduct their business via an app these days. Having to search for a mobile version of a site is something of an oddity in this day and age and betting fans are more likely to stay with a sportsbook if they are able to easily access all the required information through an app.

Figure 2 Betting firms continue to explore newer ways to gamble

The Future of Sports Betting

There is no doubt that mobile is the current king when it comes to online sports betting. But is it the future as well? It does seem as though most transactions will take place on mobile for a while yet. The increasing use of cryptocurrency means that it is far more convenient to bet this way.

But there are already betting firms working on providing a VR experience for their customers. This would seem to be more suited to casino gaming than sports – but it is an area that is increasingly being investigated. Mobile, in the widest sense of the term, would still look like the way betting is going. But the industry will always keep up with the latest technology.

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