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How To Use Dead Eye In RDR2

Here’s how to use Dead Eye in RDR2. If you are a seasoned gamer, you might have come across Red Dead Redemption 2. Well, I certainly hope you have as it’s one Rockstars biggest commercial and critical successes. When the first game was launched it quickly became a hit and this second installment is considered one of the biggest gaming sequels.

One of Red Dead Redemption 2’s most useful features is Dead Eye, which gives players a slight edge over their opponents. If it’s your first time playing this video game or you need clarity on how the feature works, here’s all you need to know.

So, kick back, relax and check out this useful tutorial on How To Use Dead Eye In RDR2.

What Is Dead Eye and How Is It Used?

The Dead Eye feature is a game mechanic that allows players to slow down time while aiming or firing a gun at their opponent; therefore, you can take them out with more precision. To use this feature effectively, it takes some upgrades and tons of practice.

Dead Eye allows users to get an advantage against multiple opponents in a firefight. It’s best used in intense battle scenes to help you get out of a tough spot. Apart from eliminating numerous foes, it can also be used when you are on horseback and take out random individuals and lawmen who look dangerous.

As one of the most indispensable features of the Red Dead Redemption video game, this feature upgrades several times throughout your journey. Once it’s fully upgraded, you can mark where you want to shoot. After you’ve marked the target and normal time resumes, tons of bullets will be released towards your target.

To use the feature, you’ll have to fill the Dead Eye meter. On the other hand, upgrades are done after you complete various challenges and achievements.

When playing, you can upgrade the Dead Eye’s tier and its level. While tiers unlock new upgrades that enable you to be a better gunslinger, the levels you earn extend your Dead Eye duration meter, allowing you to have more time to aim at your target.

How To Upgrade Your Dead Eye

When playing Red Dead Redemption, you’ll use Dead Eye a lot. Each time you use this special ability, you upgrade to a different level.

Dead Eye has five tiers that get unlocked after you’ve completed specific missions from the game’s main storyline. This is spread out throughout the different chapters of the narrative.

Level 1

This level is the start of Dead Eye that players earn during Chapter 1 Mission: Old Friends. While this tier allows you to slow down and target enemies, you have no control over where the X markers are placed on the enemy. It auto targets the enemy, but it doesn’t provide any precision.

This can be frustrating, and it’s not the most ideal if you want to take out an enemy. However, you can use it to your advantage by quickly aiming at multiple enemies.

Level 2

Tier 2 unlocks during Chapter 2 during the Pouring Forth Oil IV mission. The Dead Eye becomes helpful on this level because you can manually place a shot on the enemy by clicking on the right bumper.

You can choose to tag one person or multiple opponents with six shots from your revolver. Once you unlock this level, you significantly improve your gameplay and clear the headshots much easily.

Level 3

This level is an upgrade that allows players to stay on Dead Eye mode even after they have fired hots. Once you mark a target with an X, you’ll exit Dead Eye after your game character is done shooting.

Since you can stay in Dead Eye mode for longer, it allows you to pick another target that you may have missed or tag an extra bullet on an opponent as they go down. This tier unlocks Chapter 4: Urban Pleasures.

Level 4

Once you reach level 4, you transform into a true gunslinger or hunter. Dead Eye becomes useful in this tier because it marks the head and hurts of your opponents, making it easier to take them out.

Additionally, you can now hunt animals because it allows you to get a clean kill. At this level, you’ll unlock Chapter 5’s Fleeting Joy mission.

Level 5

At the final level, 5, you can now target the stomach and the lungs; therefore, you’ll get more one-shot kills. The kills will be a lot easier, and it’s the ideal tier if you are hunting the legendary animals in Red Dead Redemption 2. Even if you don’t kill them instantly, you can slow it down and track it.

This level unlocks Chapter 6: Goodbye, Dear Friend. After you hit this mark, you’ll have unlocked all the available levels and be able to slow downtime. In addition, you can shoot the bullets without marking targets because their critical organs are highlighted.

How To Use Dead Eye In RDR2

Now that you know how many levels you can get on Dead Eye, you need to know how to use it when playing the video game.

You’ll need to click down on the right analogue stick when aiming at your targets. This will immediately switch to slow motion.

Your target enemies or animals will be marked with a red X. You can tag multiple enemies or one depending on the level of Dead Eye you’ve unlocked.

Apart from headshots, you can target vital organs at level 5 and pull the trigger to release a string of bullets. To eliminate your opponents, you’ll just need to have them lined up with the red X.

How to Refill Dead Eye?

Every time you kill a foe, enemy or wanted criminal your Dead Eye Meter will gradually re-fill. You may want to find a much quick way to fuel up that meter, here are a couple of ways to do it.

  1. Chew some Tobbacco.
  2. Drink Miracle Tonic.

Both of the methods above will instantly replenish your Dead Eye Meter 100%. To increase the amount of full bars on your meter you can earn extra XP as you play through the game.

The easiest way to earn Dead Eye XP is with the following:

  1. Kill enemies with Headshots.
  2. Kill enemies in free-aim.
  3. Complete weapon challenges
  4. Skinning animals.
  5. Crafting Items.
  6. Cooking.

Throughout your play through of RDR2 you’ll need to refill your supplies of consumables every now and then. Just head toward your nearest town or settlement and visit the local general store or doctor for either Tobacco or Miracle Tonic.


Dead Eye in Red Dead Redemption 2 is an essential feature if you want to gain an advantage over your opponents. The feature allows you to slow down time, aim at an individual or multiple opponents to get a precise shot.

When playing, you can upgrade to different levels when you complete certain missions. These upgrades come with more benefits and abilities to help you unlock better features. If you are playing Red Dead Redemption 2, you now know how to use the Dead Eye feature.

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