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How To Unscramble Words Like A Pro

To be perfectly candid, there is no direct rule for unscrambling words. People’s brains are wired differently and the thought process that is involved in unscrambling words will be contrasting from one person to another. However, if you are having a hard time unscrambling the given letters despite everything, here are some tips that might help you with unscrambling words like a pro!

1. Making pairs:

Out of the given number of letter, it always helps to make certain pairs of letters that appear commonly. Words like “ch”, “ph” or “sh”. There are more pairs like those and they are also known as digraphs. Most of these pairs of letters are consonants and it would make your unscrambling session a lot easier as you get more and more consonants out of the way.

2. Search for possible prefixes and suffixes:

A prefix is a group of words that are placed before a word to convey a suitable meaning, like, for example, the “un” in “unhappy”. Likewise, a suffix is also a group of words that are placed after a word to convey a meaning, like the “est” in “strongest”. If you can find possible prefixes and suffixes, it would be wise to pick them out and keep the words aside.

3. Look for vowels:

Vowels are usually the key for bringing a word together, and so it would aid in unscrambling a word successfully if you could pick out the vowels. If the words are not coming to you still, you could try putting the vowels randomly at different positions. 

4. Singling out single lettered, double lettered or triple lettered words:

Letters like “I” and “A” are common single lettered words which are prominent in any sentence. Likewise, words like “an” or “to” are common double lettered words, and likewise, triple lettered words like “are” or “the” are common as well. It would help out with the unscrambling process if common single lettered, double lettered and triple lettered words are picked out and kept aside. This would mean that it would narrow your search down making the process much easier. 

5. Writing the letters or words down in a piece of paper:

After you have grouped the words, it would be helpful if you write them down to help you visualize the potential words. Some people perform this process with the help of scrabble tiles which would give your more flexibility to move the letter around. If you are unable to visualize the words, writing the words in a random order will be genuinely helpful as some certain order of the letters may shine light upon some familiar words. Ex : unscramble nhtao , unscramble simply

6. Use the vowels between consonants:

Rearranging the words in random words may prove to be futile if you are not using the help of your vowels. If you followed the previous steps, I am sure that you have your vowels out separately. Therefore, using the help of these vowels in your hand, pair those with common word sounds as mentioned in step 1.  If that is not proving to be helpful at all, pair them with consonants. Working the vowels around consonants or common sounding words will work the maximum number of time. 

7. Strategizing the unscrambling process:

Although following each step may help you with unscrambling the words, but the only way to do it in a pro level is by strategizing the whole process. For instance, the letter “S” is more or less likely present at the end of the word to indicate the plural of a noun. If in some case the letter “S” does not seem to fit anywhere within the word, there are high chances that the letter “S” will fall at the end of the word. So, you see, making the word play with strategies will enhance the experience and will speed up the process of unscrambling.

8. Asking help from external sources:

If none of the steps work and you have lost all hope, then asking a friend to help you will not hurt. They say that two heads are better than one, and in this case, it stands true. A friend may offer fresh perspective and maybe sometimes, that is all you need. If all else fails, there are online word unscramblers like instawordz that does the job.

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