Battlefield 1 War Bonds: How to get them
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How To Get War Bonds In Battlefield 1

Here’s a definitive guide on how to get war bonds in Battlefield 1! When it comes to realistic war simulators there is rarely a game series rated higher than Battlefield. Whether it is the era accurate weaponry or the realistic recoil and bullet drop Battlefield gets high praise from most who play it.

So before we get into the how we should probably address the why. War bonds in Battlefield one are used for one thing and one thing only, unlocking guns.

Each different class in the game has a multitude of guns to unlock that become available as you rank up that class. Along with the guns there are also melee weapons to unlock however these aren’t tied to one specific class and once unlocked in one they can be used by all.

But now let’s talk about why you’re really here, how to get the war bonds in Battlefield 1.

How to get war bonds in Battlefield 1

The actual process of getting war bonds in Battlefield 1 is very simple, all you have to do is level up your classes. As you go up each level you will receive 90 war bonds to put towards unlocking new weapons.

The only issue with this is that you will unlock your weapons a lot quicker than you will get all the war bonds you need to unlock every single one of them, meaning you’ll have to pick and choose very carefully what to unlock. 

This would be fine if there was a way to test out the weapons in multiplayer beforehand but you can’t so if you unlock one you don’t like then you’ve wasted your war bonds.

Either way you can level up your classes indefinitely so you will eventually have the war bonds to unlock everything. If you are worried about unlocking something early on that you don’t like then you can always play the campaign first and take note of any good guns to unlock later.

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