Wordpress hosting provider, how to choose the right one
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How to Choose The best WordPress Hosting

It goes without saying that choosing the best WordPress hosting provider has a number of considerations you must think of before signing a contract. If you sign up for a year long contract and a few months down the line you find out that you aren’t getting the best service, you’ll be stuck in the contract for the remainder of the term.

So let us guide you to choose the best WordPress hosting.

Table of Contents:

  1. Why Change?
  2. What are you looking for?
  3. Budget
  4. Support
  5. Who to choose?
  6. Bonus: WordPress Security

Why Change Host?

The first question to ask yourself is, are you looking to move to a different WordPress Hosting Provider, if so, why? Is it that the performance of your current hosting service isn’t up to scratch, or simply the support offered isn’t good enough. You need to understand the reasons why before making the change. For example, if you want to change because your current suppliers servers are performing badly, you wouldn’t want to move to another host that is just as a slow. Make sure you read the reviews before committing to a contract.

Hosting Requirements What are you looking for?

Wordpress Requirements.
WordPress Requirements.

The next thing to understand is what are you looking for in a new host? For a WordPress site running WordPress Version 5.2 you’ll need a server with at least the following:

WordPress Minimum Server Requirements

– PHP version 5.6.20 or greater.
– MySQL version 5.0.15 or greater.
– Apache mod_rewrite module (Required for multi-sites)
– PHP7 is highly recommended by wordpress.

Disk Space:
A fresh install of WordPress will take around 31MB and a theme can take anywhere between 1MB and 10MB. Plugins are a different matter altogether. There isn’t a typical size of a plugin. A couple of sites I manage take around 200MB of space just for the plugins. Then comes your database, it handles pretty much everything on your WordPress site. A large WordPress site with 25k comments and/or posts could use as much as 500MB. Not to mention your images etc.

A final consideration is email storage. If your hosting plan comes with email and you get a lot of SPAM it can quickly use up huge amounts of your allocated storage.

I’d recommend going for a WordPress Hosting Provider that offers at least 15GB storage and at least 5GB of data transfer.

Typical Hosting Plans.
Example of Typical WordPress Hosting Plans.

Budget WordPress Hosting

Chances are, if you’ve just launched a new WordPress blog your going to want your hosting to be as budget friendly as possible. The good news is that WordPress Hosting Providers have specific hosting plans tailored for WordPress and that often leads to them being more affordable than the standard website hosting plans on offer.

You can get a good WordPress hosting plan for around £2.99 per month.


Issues and downtime occur, that’s a fact. It’s how it’s resolved that’s the real acid test. Is your prospective hosting company updating it’s systems regularly, are it’s security procedures up to date? If it’s full of security flaws or the support team are not up to scratch then avoid at all costs. Online reviews are key to finding a host that is reliable and reputable.

Can you afford to wait 10 – 30 minutes for an issue to be fixed? If you need a fast support SLA then you’ll probably need to pay a bit more for dedicated support.

Choosing The Best Hosting Company

I use TSOHost for all of my website hosting needs. TSOHost have fast servers and fast support. They have plans from £2.92 per month ext VAT.

For a limited time get 10% off all hosting plans using discount code CODEWITHMIKE10.

BONUS: WordPress Hosting Security Considerations

Make sure you ask your potential WordPress host about the security measures they have in place? It’s really important to harden your website against potential hackers. I’d whole heartedly recommend you read an article on how to prevent a wordpress hack. It could just save you a lot of time, effort and potentially loss of revenue.

The best WordPress Host F.A.Q’s

Should I get shared or VPS hosting for WordPress?

I’d recommend if you are building a small personal blog then you will be fine with a good shared plan. If you have a plan of internet dominance in your niche then go for the scale-ability of a VPS.

Should I choose a dedicated WordPress hosting plan?

Some companies offer dedicated plans specifically designed for WordPress websites. They offer improved performance as the server configuration is optimised for WordPress.

How much disk space do I need for my WordPress blog?

That’s a tough question to answer. If you are going to have a media rich site then atleast 15GB of disk space. You’ll need more than double if you want daily backups.

Where can I get WordPress hosting support?

The hosting company you choose should offer support as standard.


  1. a great guide, i didnt know if i should have gone for vps or shared?

  2. CodeWithMike

    It depends on a number of things.

    How many users you anticipate will visit your site and what kind of content. There isn’t any point buying a really expensive and over specced server for a small simple static content site.

    Think carefully before signing up to a contract.

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