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How streaming platforms help to promote new games

Video gaming and online gaming have been popular for decades but, in recent years, a new variation on this interest has gained billions of followers. Livestreaming games on sites like YouTube and Twitter is a fast-growing activity, attracting both committed gamers and curious, passive viewers alike. Consequently, games marketers now see these platforms as a vital part of the promotion process for any new product.

Online personalities

While there’s a huge market for playing games online, improved internet connections have also made it possible for players to stream footage of them engaging with a video game out to the wider world. The best of these streamers, often referred to as YouTubers or Influencers, leverage their personal charisma as much as their gaming prowess. Combining real-time commentary, chat, and humour with action-packed gameplay, they become media personalities at the same time as showcasing the game in question.

Breaking new games

Popular YouTubers and Twitch streamers can earn serious money through sponsorship by games companies wishing to promote their newest release. But others may find themselves broadcasting to no one for weeks or even months at a time. In a competitive, overcrowded arena it’s hard to establish a niche, and in reality, it’s the big games that are already popular that attract the most streams. Minecraft, Fortnite, Grand Theft Auto, DOTA 2 and League of Legends dominate streaming statistics. Unless a streamer already has a loyal audience, it can be hard for new games to get a look in.

A wider range

The range of games streamed online is wider than many people realise, however. Twitch has around 150 channels dedicated to streaming real-money slots, and the most popular regularly receive over 100,000 views. YouTube features an even wider range of casino games being live-streamed, giving valuable exposure to online casinos in UK.

Popular appeal

The appeal of watching casino game live streams is much the same as that of watching video game streams. There’s a vicarious thrill in watching the streamers win big, as well as an emotional investment that makes watching them play feel like a rollercoaster ride. The commentary and real-time banter can be even more engaging than with video games, arguably because casino games are more familiar and so easier to follow.

Some casino games, like poker, are already popular spectator sports, predating the live streaming era. Here, live commentary can offer useful tips and advice, helping viewers to improve their own game. 

An important influence

Over half of those that enjoyed live streaming video games said that their buying choices were influenced by what they watched. Influencers can be persuasive critics and reviewers, giving their opinions on a game at the same time as letting the viewer see directly how enjoyable and/or challenging it is. 

With YouTube alone hosting over 40 million gaming channels that have attracted well over 100 billion viewing hours between them, the live-streaming sector is one that marketers can’t afford to ignore. Placing the right game with the right influencer can be the difference between having a breakthrough hit and sinking without trace.

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