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How much will Disney Plus Cost in the UK?

Disney Plus is finally coming to the UK! The good news is that it’ll arrive a lot sooner than expected. It’s been confirmed that the streaming service will be coming to the UK on March 24th 2020. (It’ll also launch in Spain, Italy, Germany, France and Ireland on the same day)A whole seven days sooner than planned.

Better still, it’ll cost much less than first anticipated. Disney have confirmed it will cost £5.99 per month. You can opt to pay for the year and get it for £59.99, which works out nearly a £1 per month cheaper than the monthly payment option.

Disney Plus UK – In-depth Look at Disney’s Content

Because Disney is one of the biggest media companies in the world, (They have an estimated net worth of nearly $130 billion!) they own exclusive rights to several high profile franchises. They own the following; Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar Films and they also own (via 20th Century Fox) The Simpsons.

Within its first year, Disney Plus have said they will have more than 25 original series and more than 10 original movies available for streaming. They have also made around 420 films we hope that the older titles will be made available on Disney Plus UK.

Disney Plus UK Vs Netflix Comparison

Let’s cut to the chase. Disney Plus is far better value for money. The UK price of £5.99 per month makes it the same price as it’s closest rival (Netflix). Netflix’s cheapest plan starts at £5.99 per month. What makes this great value for money is that Netflix doesn’t offer any 4K content for that price. Some of the Disney Plus content will be available in 4K.

Yet another subscription

One thing that does put me off though. The subscription model is so overdone. If you count on one hand the number of subscriptions you are likely to have or want, I bet you can’t. I’m tired of having to have multiple different subscriptions.

Please can we have a service that combines a couple of different subscriptions that serve your needs for a reduced rate.

I recon Amazon Prime will only continue to get bigger. You get movies, music and free delivery. The added bonus (at least last year, 2019) was premier league football.

Disney Plus UK should partner with Amazon do deliver the ultimate streaming service!

You can find more details about Disney+ here.

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