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How is Java Used in Web Development?

Java technology provides a robust, widely-spread operating platform for quickly creating and running the web. It is the foundation for virtually all types of web applications and the universal standard for the development and distribution of embedded and mobile applications, games, web content, and enterprise software. Despite the growing popularity of Go and Python, Java has been at the top of the list for over a decade. Over 9 million developers use it worldwide.

What is Java Web Development

The greatest feature of Java is its multifaceted nature. Of course, the development of traditional desktop and even mobile apps is great. But what if you want to enter the web development territory? Then, Java will become a perfect one to start. Usually, web development is divided into those experts who are responsible for the user’s side and those who take care of the server-side. An important feature of Java is that compared to some C languages, Java code is easier to maintain. This is because it does not allow developers to execute commands that could lead to bad programming.

Why Devs Choose Java?

Java has been tested, refined, extended, and validated by a huge number of developers, that is why it is a trustworthy programming language. It has become an indispensable tool for developers. All programming languages have pros and cons. Taking them into account, specialists choose the appropriate one for the implementation of certain tasks. Java is a high-level programming language, the main advantages of which are:


Web services designed in Java can be launched on any device if it is connected to the web server via the Internet protocol of the browser. It was created as a distributed programming language with a built-in mechanism for sharing data and programs among multiple computers, which increases productivity and efficiency while in other programming languages, you need to use an external API for distribution. 

In addition, Java also supports socket programming and CORBA distribution methodology for exchanging objects and assignments between programs written in different languages.


It is a programming language with a variety of ready-made tools, debugged solutions, libraries, and frameworks. The syntax is similar to C++ but much simpler, so Java is perfect for those who are just learning and are determined to achieve quick results.

However, Java is not as beginner-friendly as Python but is fairly straightforward for any developer with a basic understanding of frameworks, packages, classes, and objects. It’s simple, typed, and predictable, so you can learn to think in the right direction. Plus, you can always turn to the myriad of free online tutorials, different homework tasks, or STEM courses.


Thanks to the Security Manager you can easily regulate the security policy of web tools and delimit access rules thus avoiding vulnerabilities.


Through so-called multithreading, Java makes very efficient use of hardware capabilities, which is important for programs with animation and for processing large amounts of data. As a result, the development of web tools has become a common standard for the implementation of large projects with high requirements for performance, fault tolerance, and security, such as financial, banking, and trading electronic systems.

Principle of Web Operation in Java

There are two main principles of working of any network application. The first one is called the back-end part which proceeds on the server, and the second part is the front-end that runs directly on the user’s device. 

In any case, the main actions take place on the server. The web result is formed by using information from the database after a request from the user’s device has been received. This result is sent to the end device, processed by the customer’s side of the web application, and rendered in the browser as a user interface.

When you use Java for web programming you are essentially creating server-side programs called servlets. These applications extend the capabilities of the server and allow you to perform a wide variety of functions.

Java, HTML и CSS

Before beginning to study and work web programming, the first recommended thing to undertake is to search through all available information to find the appropriate coding language for the network development. Of course, Java language is what you need when you decide on Java web. However, CSS and HTML are also required. They are important for any web development. Then a logical question arises “Why do I need to study HTML or CSS if my goal is Java?”.

HTML and CSS are essential parts of any website. HTML is where a web page starts. When you write Java code, it becomes an HTML document for browsers. CSS is what determines the style of the page and its appearance. In other words, HTML defines the content of your web page, and CSS defines its appearance. 

Choose your IDE and Framework for Java

When programming, the first thing to do is choose the proper development helpers. For example, an IDE (integrated development environment) containing a complex of several tools, namely: text editor, interpreter, automation, and debugger systems. In addition, IDE has handy tools for integrating with useful utilities and controls systems. Among the Java IDE’s in existence today, the most popular are NetBeans, Eclipse, and so on.

A framework is a set of specific tools such as libraries that speed up programming. It not only makes it easy to code and debug, but also provides you with such Java project help –  a list of functions to reduce the amount of repetitive code you are typing, the ability to find bugs, and even foretell the code you write to speed things up. Frameworks that give assignment assistance while you are working on Java are Spring, Hibernate, Grails, ATG, and Play.

When you become familiar with Java programming, you’ll be surprised at which incredible, complex, and detailed websites you can create. Once you decide on a particular IDE and framework, you can start developing complex network applications. Keep in mind that building a website is not an easy task. 

To sum up, being well versed only in the Java programming language is not enough because web programming is also about network structure HTML and CSS. With the aim to get your work as simple and fast as possible, IDE and framework selections are also important. Do not forget about such aspects of network programming, such as good performance, stability, and security.

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