How Can AI Help You in Esports Betting?

It seems like everyone is talking about AI these days, with people proclaiming it will eventually make every job obsolete. While that reality is a little far off, it definitely has viable use cases for eSports betting today! Check out 5 ways that you can leverage AI to win your next eSports wager!

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1. Create an Accurate Predictive Model

You can teach AI to crunch the numbers based on historical results and different statistics and make predictions about the outcome of eSports models. The benefit of AI is that it can quickly and accurately study massive datasets and then perform regression analysis with little human input.

You can then continue to teach the AI to improve its model until it can consistently beat the bookmakers. It is important that you feed the AI accurate and relevant data because AI is only as good as the information you provide. Also before you start following your AI built prediction eSports betting model you need to compare its results over a large sample and make sure it can actually generate a profit!

2. Acquire Data

To build your predictive model you need high quality. However, physically finding data, cleaning it, and checking its accuracy can be a logistical nightmare. Luckily, you can use AI to scour different databases and pull the data for you. AI can then alter the data to ensure it is ready to be fed directly into your predictive model.

In the past, this process would take hours and hours of work by professional data scientists. However, since the invention of commercially available AI even someone without programming skills can quickly generate high quality data sources.

3. Easily Bactest Your eSports Betting Strategy

Backtesting is the process of testing your betting strategy against historical results. For example, you might compare your eSports betting strategy against the odds offered by bookmakers for the last 1000 Dota 2 matches. Backtesting allows you to see if your strategy is historically profitable and is a crucial step before using your model to make real bets.

With AI, you can quickly perform a backtest without any technical skills. Simply type a few commands and the AI will get to work. You don’t need to worry about uploading complicated data sets and learning fancy software. Remember even if your model does perform well during backtesting, this does not guarantee it will generate a profit based on future events.

4. Identify Irregularities in Betting Markets

AI has the power to quickly analyze thousands of different eSports betting markets and alert you when it finds potentially soft odds. You don’t need to hover around the AI. It will do the work automatically and then, when it is done, reveal the results.

Sometimes bookmakers get their eSports betting odds seriously wrong. However, trying to find these errors manually is like searching for a needle in a haystack due to the sheer number of bookmakers and markets. Fortunately, AI has the power to quickly compare thousands and thousands of odds, determine accurate odds from inaccurate, and then create a detailed report for you!

5. Perform General Research on eSports

Don’t have time to read the latest eSports news? Then let AI do the work for you! AI can do all kinds of research, from general to very specific. For example, you can get AI to virtually instantly identify lineup changes for a specific eSports tournament. Or you could get AI to identify the most important factors that impact the outcomes of eSports tournaments.

With AI by your side, you can significantly speed up and increase your eSports research capabilities. You will be shocked at the sheer amount of accurate information you can consume, thanks to the help of AI!

Wrapping Up

AI does not instantly turn you into an eSports betting god, but it can help you build a superior predictive model which has the potential to beat certain eSports betting markets. When used effectively, AI can definitely improve your predictions. However, the problem is it will also help bookmakers generate more accurate odds. So it is unclear which side AI will help more! Comment below whether you think AI will make bookmakers harder or easier to beat and why!

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