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Giants Uprising Release Date

The Giants Uprising Release Date has been revealed. The date was announced along with some new screenshots and a fantastic gameplay trailer. It’ll be available via early access on 2nd November 2021.

We’ve put together all of the details that have been revealed so far aswell as the full press release below. I know we say this a lot on the gaming section of the blog but… we couldn’t be more excited for this one. I mean just look at those screenshots, just the artistic direction and graphics look phenomenal.

Anyway, enough waffling on, check out the details below and let us know what you think in the comments below.

Giants Uprising Release Date

VARSAV Game Studios are proud to announce that Giants Uprising, the medieval fantasy game where you play as a powerful Giant who breaks free from enslavement to seek revenge on the human race, will launch into Early Access for PC gamers on November 2, 2021.

“We’re very proud to bring Giants Uprising to PC gamers on November 2. In our adventure you play as a heroic giant trying to free your people fromthe tyranny of human slavery. We first announced Giants Uprising at Gamescom back in 2019 and we’re thrilled to reveal our brand new trailer at this year’s Gamescom.” said Lukasz Rosinski, CEO of VARSAV Game Studio.

“Along with the new trailer is our announcement that Giants Uprising will be launching into Early Access on November 2. After three years in development, we are pleased to finally be launching the game into Early Access so players can experience more giant-sized mayhem.”

VARSAV Game Studios is offering a special Limited Early Access Edition of Giants Uprising that will only be available during the game’s early access period. This special edition includes amazing items like a stress sheep (suitable for giant squeezings), a “morning massacre” scented candle, leather bracelet, coaster, t-shirt, and of course, a game code to let you play Giants Uprising. Best of all, it will ship worldwide to all Giants Uprising fans, but it is only available during the early access period. Order your Limited Early Access Edition of Giants Uprising HERE before time runs out!

Giants Uprising is a single-player action adventure where you play as a giant seeking revenge against the traitorous humans who enslaved him. While enslaved, you served as both slave labour and as a machine of war. Now that you have escaped, the time of reckoning is nigh! Accompanied by a human convict who acts as your guide, you carry your wrath and lust for revenge to the oppressor’s settlements. Reclaim your freedom, find what happened to your enslaved kin, smash your enemies and be the spark of the Giant’s Uprising!

Giants Uprising will launch into Early Access for PC gamers on Steam starting November 2, 2021. Wishlist the game or play the Giants Uprising Demo, now available, on Steam HERE.

About Giants Uprising

Giants Uprising is a medieval fantasy action adventure game full of Giants and unlimited destruction! Take on the role of a powerful Giant who finally breaks free from enslavement to seek revenge on the ruthless human race. Every step of the way you’ll be accompanied by your faithful companion – Kielbasa, a human with whom fate crossed your paths. 

Smash, destroy, and massacre everything you encounter. Crush people with the strength of your mighty blows. Raze settlements, villages, and towns to the ground. Take revenge on the selfish human race for years of slavery!


  • Feel what it’s like to be a powerful, fearless giant who crushes everything that stands in his way.
  • Terrify people and stand ankle-deep in their blood. Show people who is the most powerful giant out there.
  • Discover an emotionally gripping tale of two outcasts- Rogbar and Kielbasa. Help them get revenge, stir an uprising, and rescue the giants.
  • Conquer your foes in challenging battles. Use primitive weapons and elements of the environment to overcome their military might.
  • Revel in the pure pleasure that comes from extreme destruction, as you flatten every single building in your wake.

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