Gaming Nation: a Look at the Best Canadian Video Games

Gaming Nation: a Look at the Best Canadian Video Games

The game industry has thrived in recent years. Developers around the world have taken advantage of the latest technology to produce scintillating games for a global market. The big-name companies like Electronic Arts, Nintendo, and Sony continue to release games in every genre, paving the way for the industry’s future.

What some fans may not know is that some of the best games over the past few years were made in Canada, including first-person shooters and smaller, indie titles. Canada has long been a nation of video game lovers and the industry is a huge contributor to the country’s economy. Below, we’re giving an insight into some of the best Canadian video games.

Action & Adventure

One of the most popular action-adventure game franchises, born in Canada is Assassin’s Creed. This open-world series was developed by Ubisoft Montreal and it’s the company’s best-selling franchise of all time. Ubisoft also developed the Far Cry and Watch Dog Series, both of which allow for open-world gameplay. Other action-based games made in Canada include Mass Effect, the sci-fi third-person shooter, and the story-focused adventure game Night in the Woods.

In the wider entertainment industry, many online casinos like JackpotCity online casino host several adventure games, including Ancient Fortunes: Zeus, Mining Fever, and Agent Jane Bond Returns. JackpotCity online casino, which also features many classic games is a platform created specifically for Canadian players. Online casinos offer a lot of variety to attract a wide audience, and there’s always a demand for these platforms, just as there is for consoles and mobile games. There’s no doubt Canada’s game development has been booming, with action and adventure being a genre that seems to hold a strong appeal.


There are dozens of sports games out there. FIFA has always been the reigning champion of sports games, and the series has been developed by EA Vancouver ever since FIFA 12. In the new FIFA 21, new features have been added to career mode, such as youth development and the gameplay has improved. Other sports titles by EA Vancouver include Madden NFL, EA Sports UFC, and NBA Live.

Character-driven games

Much like movies and TV shows, some of the best video games are character-driven with good storytelling. Rockstar Vancouver was a video game developer published by Rockstar Games. When the company was active, it produced Max Payne 2 and Bully, both of which allows players to control one character from a third-person perspective. While they’re not RPG games, the stories are based around the character’s motives. Both the protagonists of these games are well-defined and have a sense of realism, making for a memorable gaming experience for players. 

Gaming is popular throughout the world, but Canada has consistently delivered audiences some of the best and most creative games. As a nation with hundreds of game developers, they’ve proven to be a powerhouse of ideas and innovation. In the future, there’s no doubt we can expect more great games to come out of Canadian developers.

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