Time Crisis
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Time Crisis (1997) [PS1]

Originally released as an arcade game, Time Crisis is a single player shooter game that was later ported to the PlayStation and packaged with the light gun controller made by GunCon. In the 3D first person rail shooter, players wield a light gun to defend themselves against oncoming enemies. The cover system allows players to hide behind cover and switch between positions for crouching and attacking.

Players progress through three stages that each include three areas and a boss battle. Playing with a time limit means taking risks and playing fast paced is rewarding. Extra time is awarded after completing an area, and also for killing some enemies quickly. Since you can’t advance through the game while ducking behind cover, it can be most effective to use it sparingly.

The PlayStation version of Time Crisis also includes Special mode, which dynamically determines a player’s path through the game based on their performance. This introduces multiple endings and means replaying the game can be worthwhile.

Time Crisis Overview:

Genre: Shooter
Developer: Namco
Release Date: June 27, 1997 (Japan), October 31, 1997 (NA), November 30, 1997 (PAL)
Controller: GunCon light gun, PlayStation controller, Dual Analog Controller, DualShock

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