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Silent Hill (1999) [PS1]

Silent hill is a single player survival horror experience where players control the main character, Harry Mason, in third person view. While engaging in combat, exploring, finding keys, and solving puzzles, the goal is to find Harry’s daughter who went missing. Enemies are spread throughout the town and cut scenes occasionally highlight the main points of the storyline.

Although harry is only a normal person going up against vicious monsters, melee weapons and a range of guns are available to take advantage of. That being said, Harry can only run for a certain duration before he runs out of breath and his aim is far from stable because he doesn’t have any history of firearm usage.

To locate enemies, players are sent bursts of static when they’re approaching one because of the portable radio found near the beginning of the story. Also, Harry’s heart beat can be felt through the DualShock controller when health is low to provide extra feedback.

To improve navigation, maps of each area are hidden throughout the world ready to be collected. Once found, the maps can be viewed from the menu, but only when the lighting around Harry is bright enough. These are particularly valuable due to the points of interest marked on each map.

Silent Hill Overview:

Genre: Survival horror
Developer: Konami Computer Entertainment Tokyo
Release Date: February 23, 1999 (March 4, 1999 in Japan)
Controller: PlayStation controller, Dual Analog Controller, DualShock

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Silent Hill F.A.Q’s:

Where can I buy Silent Hill for the PS1?

You can buy Silent Hill for the PS1 from places such as Amazon, eBay or from local thrift stores.

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