Four of the Best Irish-Inspired Games Out There

Ireland is a country with a rich history and culture. Famed for its Celtic past, it’s a land of myth and legend, of magic and fate. It’s also synonymous with the idea of luck. This is what makes it such an apt topic for game creators.

Graced with natural beauty and an age-old mysticism, Ireland makes an ideal backdrop for games in need of a truly enchanting setting. We look at four titles that have taken advantage.

Heroes of Might and Magic 3

If you’re looking for a game that combines myth and legend with magnificent fantasy, Heroes of Might and Magic 3 may be the answer. This popular online game was released over two decades ago but still retains a cult following on the internet.

The game pits players against one another, placing them in charge of armies made up of an assortment of fantastical creatures. They’re given the choice of several bases, one of which is Rampart, a town heavily inspired by Irish folktales. Home to dragons, elves, and more, it borrows many of its creatures from Celtic mythology and its aesthetic has a distinctly Irish feel to it too.

Rainbow Riches

If you’re looking for a different kind of excitement, there are Rainbow Riches slots, which can be played online through providers like Buzz Bingo. Inspired by Irish tales of luck and leprechauns, this offers a pot of gold as its prize – and it doesn’t come more Irish than that.

The game is played on five-by-three reels and gives lucky winners the chance to nab up to 500 times their stake. Even for those who fortune doesn’t favor, it’s still a fun game to play.


Another option is Folklore, released all the way back in 2007. This action role play game was designed for PS3 and took place in the Irish coastal village of Doolin. Other settings include the Netherworld, a dark realm filled with creatures from Celtic myth and legend.

Ellen and Keats, the two playable characters, are joined on their escapades by a host of so-called “folk creatures”, including faeries and banshees. Aping a comic book-esque narrative style, this now-vintage game nonetheless has some great battle sequences and beautiful Irish-inspired backdrops.    

Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla (Wrath of the Druids)

Last but not least, Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla (Wrath of the Druids). As a franchise, AC rarely disappoints, and this offering is no exception. Set in the time of the Viking raids into Ireland, the downloadable expansion sees Eivor journey there at the behest of the King of Dublin.   

It’s a beautifully rendered world and one that’s clearly been carefully researched. Despite its Viking-era setting, the backdrop is nonetheless identifiable as Ireland. Players even get to explore several famous landmarks, from the Giant’s Causeway to the Hill of Tara.

In fact, so impressed was Tourism Ireland that they teamed up with the game’s developers to promote the locations seen on screen to those who’d already visited them virtually.

When it comes to gaming backdrops, the setting is so important to the overall feel and aesthetic. Ireland, for many reasons, is ideal, lending a sense of mysticism and magic to any game it graces. Which of these Irish-inspired titles would you like to try first?

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