FIFA 20 Switch Review
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FIFA 20 Switch Review

We had a blast writing our FIFA 20 Switch Review. It meant spending hours playing FIFA 20 and trying to come up with a number of different ways to say it’s terrible. But, is it as bad as critics make out?

Now, don’t get us wrong we’re not saying it’s perfect, it does definitely have it’s flaws. So, read on below to check out our FIFA 20 Switch Review.

Here’s what we’ll discuss in our FIFA 20 Review:

  1. FIFA 20 Switch Review
  2. Is it the same game as last year?
  3. How much does it cost?
  4. Graphics
  5. Soundtrack
  6. Gameplay
  7. Summary

Released on 10 September 2019, FIFA 20 was developed by EA Sports. Upon release it gathered some severe criticism, but as with most games released some gamers loved it too.

FIFA 20 Switch Review

FIFA 19 is often regarded as one of the worst games ever produced in the series. FIFA 20 had a huge mountain to climb to regain the fans it lost the last time round.

When it was released back in September 2019, FIFA 20 was full of major gameplay issues and annoying bugs that lead many to believe we were in for yet another poor installment of the epic football game.

Did they resolve the issues? Nope, they haven’t yet. It’s been over 7 months since the complaints of poor gameplay, server responsiveness and hilariously bad graphical bugs.

EA Sports’ have failed to listen to fans.

For fans that have parted with their hard earned cash, that failure has been a huge disappointment for loyal followers of the FIFA series. These fans have remained loyal over the years, but are slowly getting angry at the lack of progress in the series.

Spending hard earned cash for practically the same product year on year, I’d be mad too. But, is it as bad as people make out?

FIFA 20 Switch Review: Is it the same game as last year?
FIFA 20 Switch Review: Is it the same game as last year?

FIFA 20 Switch Review – The same as last year

You’ll notice on the cover, in really small writing it says ‘Legacy Edition’. What this means is that it has exactly the same gameplay from FIFA 19 and doesn’t have new development features or significant enhancements to speak of.

So, at this point we’re basically playing FIFA 19. The only difference is that FIFA 2020 Switch Legacy edition has the latest squads, transfer lists and kits. Not worth it’s release price of £60 / $74 in our opinion.

But, could this ‘legacy edition’ be a blessing in disguise? The hardware limitations of the Switch have pretty much reached the maximum with FIFA 19.

By launching FIFA 20 as a legacy edition, have EA Sports found a way to keep fans happy by having the latest updates or, have they done what we all thought they were doing, turned it into a cash cow of releasing cosmetic updates to an ageing game?

I think it comes down to price. A £25 / $30 release day price and if they’d have been a bit more transparent with what FIFA 20 on the switch was, it’d have flown of the shelves.

How Much Does It Cost? – FIFA 20 Switch Review

We found that it’s available for around £29.00 / $37.00 which is fairly reasonable for a AAA rated game. Although, it’ll probably come down in price in the near future.


As the Switch’s hardware can’t compete with the likes of the PS4, XBOX ONE or PC, the graphics are, as you’d expect a lot less refined on the hand-held console. But, it still looks fantastic on the 1280 x 720 switch screen.

Either play in handheld mode at 720p or connect your HD TV for full 1080p gaming, the result is still the same, it looks fantastic.

I remember back to a time where I was playing FIFA 2005 on the PSP, now that looked dreadful, even by 2005’s standards. So it really isn’t all that bad.

The Nintendo Switch NVIDIA Custom Tegra graphics processor handles the game with ease and there are no screen tears or jittery pixels to report home about. It doesn’t feel strained and the cooling fans aren’t noticeably audible or working too hard.

The replays are smooth and the fast forward and reverse controls are responsive.

The graphics are great on the Nintendo Switch edition of FIFA 20.
The graphics are great on the Nintendo Switch edition of FIFA 20.


So, let’s take a look at the Soundtrack in FIFA 20 Switch Edition. Does it hit the nail on the head like the sound track from FIFA 2007 / 2008. Or is it a bit of a flop? FIFA soundtracks are renowned for mostly being great, let’s hope this one lives up to it.

We’ll cover each song, give it a score and a few comments about why we do or don’t like it.

She Don’t Dance:
7/10 – Quirky beat and simple lyrics. Good track.
5/10 – Beat ok, lyrics are better than other rap on the soundtrack.
4/10 – Okay at best.
7/10 – A classic FIFA track, great beat and lyrics.
6/10 – Simple but catchy, good track.
Why did you Run:
6/10 – Doesn’t feel like a FIFA track at all.
9/10 – Best song on the soundtrack.
The Cracks:
8/10 – Slow, simple beat. Great song.
Yu x Ti, Tux Mi:
5/10 – Repetitive, simple. Would not normally listen to it.
Come Down:
7/10 – Great chorus and great beat.
Feel the Vibe:
5/10 – One of the better rap songs on the FIFA 20 soundtrack.
6/10 – Singer has an amazing voice, really good song.
Before the Moment’s Gone:
7/10 – Great song, great beat.
Oh my God!:
7/10 – A simple track but fits FIFA 20 well.
La Razon Del Equilibrio:
4/10 – Not great.
Wild West:
4/10 – Just about fits, it’s just ok.
Phone Number:
7/10 – Talented singer and great chorus.
The Runner:
7/10 – Great Chorus, good rock song overall.
Go wild:
6/10 – Sounds like a FIFA song.
Zulu Screams:
3/10 – Terrible mumble rap song.
6/10 – Decent FIFA song, it fits the game, catchy song.
4/10 – One word, rubbish.
Hearts will bleed:
5/10 – Catchy, decent song will probably grow on people.
Stretch it:
4/10 – Mumble rap rubbish.
Last Night:
9/10 – One of the best on the sound track.
Where do I begin:
4/10 – Doesn’t really belong on a FIFA game.
5/10 – Sounds like a song on a previous game, decent.
Big Girls:
5/10 – Ok at best, only just about fits on FIFA.
Save me:
6/10 – Chorus saves the song from being a disaster.
Where & When:
5/10 – Poor effort.
6/10 – Catchy, good fit FIFA.
4/10 – One of the worst tracks on the game.
Same old Story:
3/10 – Lyrics are trash, not a FIFA song by any stretch of the imagination.
4/10 – Grows on you as the song progresses.
Awa Ni:
6/10 -Good track.
6/10- Nice track, seem to want to revisit this one.
3/10 – Trash.

Last Night: Taken from the FIFA 20 Sound Track.

Overall the sound track probably deserves a respectable: 7/10.

The sound track is not going to win any awards for being the best FIFA soundtrack of all time. There are maybe 4-5 good songs and 1-2 that are fantastic tracks. Those ones will get regular rotation. Overall it’s probably a little better than the soundtrack from FIFA 19.

We really hope they continue to add in new songs in future updates. It’ll get pretty stagnant if not.

FIFA 20 Switch Gameplay

Some people have commented that they’re disappointed in the mechanics and functionality of the game. We don’t share the same opinion. Saying that though, there are a few annoyances, we’ll come to that shortly.

The game does try to dumb down the players skill level, intervenes far to much and sometimes it does feel scripted. It doesn’t offer much of a challenge to seasoned FIFA players.

It won’t challenge you in a way that’ll leave you rage-quitting which I guess is a good thing. It does offer an enjoyable gaming experience.

Playing in through balls to your teammates can be awkward, as the slightest tap of the button and the ball flies off like it has a rocket attached to it.

Speed and acceleration also seems to be a little bit broken! If you have a player with a speed of 50-60 or above, you can pretty much catch up to anybody that is trying to carry the ball forward. Great if you’re defending, but can become infuriating when you are through on goal and out of nowhere you get tackled.

The A.I for the computer players is also quite poor. Get a decent lead by 2 or 3 goals and they’ll spend most of the game keeping their distance on their side of the football pitch.

These are just some of the annoying flaws with the game. But they don’t happen all the time. Overall the gameplay is fairly good. You can get major enjoyment out of the game, if you just play without prejudice.

I feel FIFA games get an overly harsh critique due to how much of the market share it has acquired. But sometimes that crique is justified. The gameplay on the Switch is decent but at the release price of nearly £48 / $60 it isn’t worth it. Now it’s come down a bit though, it is.

FIFA 2020 Career Mode Gameplay Screenshots

FIFA 20 Switch Review: Player or Manager Mode makes a comeback.
FIFA 20 Switch Review: Player or Manager Mode makes a comeback.
A diverse range of managers to choose from.
A diverse range of managers to choose from.

FIFA 20 Switch Review – Gameplay Trailer

Check out the official FIFA 20 Switch gameplay trailer below.

Summary and Verdict

Score: 7/10

It’s a struggle to find a few good reasons for you to buy FIFA 20 on the Switch if you already own FIFA 19. It’s basically the same game. It’s a fairly pointless title.

However, if you don’t own any previous FIFA games on your Switch console then it’s a great addition to your collection.

Other blogs have given it such bad reviews, it’s not bad. You just have to understand what the game is, it’s a way to get FIFA 20 (or as much of it as possible) onto the Switch.

They’ve done quite well in our opinion.

The Nintendo Switch has solidified our view that video games sole purpose are to have fun. THEY ARE MEANT TO BE FUN! Realistic graphics aren’t as important as many people would like you to believe. So we won’t complain about the lack of the latest graphic engine use in FIFA 20 Switch edition, we’ll enjoy it for what it is;

An ultra portable AAA rated football game.

Let us know in the comments below if we’ve got it right? We know there’s a lot of hate for this game, but it’s really not that bad! Take it for what it is, you may just enjoy it.

FIFA 20 Switch Review F.A.Q’s

How much is FIFA 20 on the Switch?

Around £29 / $37

Is FIFA 20 worth playing on the Switch?

It’s a great portable football game, the graphics are great and although the gameplay isn’t as refined as it could be it’s a great game for playing on the go.

Is FIFA 20 on the Switch better than FIFA 19.

They’re pretty much the same game! Only get it for the Switch if you’ve never played FIFA games on your switch or if you want updated kits and teams.

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