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Are you tired of the traditional faxing method? Want some upgradation in the process? Of course, everyone wants to change from time to time. We can not rely upon our traditional methods of doing things. For this change, we have an explicit tool for you. 

If you are willing to discover it. Stay with us, and you will be aware of the splendid features it has for its customers. It is also totally reliable, so no need to be tensed about the reliability.


Cocofax is the ultimate solution to grow more competent and innovative business communication. It is an alternative to the traditional faxing methods and has proved to be very fruitful for the users. It not only allows you to fax in one way but also comes along with several features. 

It is even possible to fax without a fax machine from any corner of the world. For this to happen, you need a faxing website for which CocFax is among the best online fax service

and the most reliable ones. 

Many individuals want to utilize the fax service but couldn’t due to the unavailability of fax machines. They have to face problems and issues. But now, when you have Efax service, you can fax from anywhere and anytime without needing a fax machine in actuality. 

Faxing via CocoFax is accessible as emails as it doesn’t require any hardware or software. The user can simply send and receive fax with the most basic knowledge as there is no technical knowledge needed to use this service.

It also allows the users to view and save their faxes online. As it also provides a storage system. Where the users can store their faxes for an unlimited period of time. If you are willing to know more, you can also visit the homepage of CocoFax

Fax From Google And Gmail

By using Efax, the user can even fax from google, Gmail, etc. As we all know, Google and Gmail are both different platforms with different structures compared to faxing, so the user will always need a reliable service for this, and nothing is comparable to CocoFax in this field.

You can also watch the video to learn more precisely how to fax via Gmail. Click the link and watch the video.

Step to Fax from Gmail

It is an easy task to fax from Gmail and requires only a few steps to do so


Sign up at the official site of CocoFax. Once you sign-up, you will be allowed to choose your fax number. Keep in mind to use the email address which you have for your official work.


Open up Gmail and compose a new mail. In the new mail, you will be composing your fax. And in the section to enter the receiver’s email address, you will enter its country code and his fax number.


Finally, check all the information and if everything is fine click the ‘send button. CocoFax will dial it to the receiver’s fax machine as a fax.

Fax From Phone

No one could have thought that it might be possible someday to fax via phone. But now it is likely you can fax via phone. All you need is CocoFax to do so. Just switch to its services today and enjoy all the features it has for the convenience of its users.

Money-Back Guarantee 

CocoFax gives users the facility of money-back. Anyone is eligible for the facility if they fall into a particular group of eligibility. The policy of CocoFax can be checked to know the eligibility criteria. 

Safe and reliable faxing

When people learn about something new or make up their minds to start anything new, there are many concerns in their brains, and it is pretty natural. But there shouldn’t be any concerns when it comes to CocoFax as it is 100% reliable and safe. 

CocoFax makes sure to provide complete security to its users. Also, the users can avail 14-days free trial to understand the service and features. The trial is entirely free, and the user will not have to pay up for it.

International Faxing

CocoFax is currently providing its services in 189 countries, which means the users can send faxes worldwide and do business communications without any hindrance. What else is needed? A person can be at any place and easily send a fax without needing a fax machine nearby.

Business Scale

It doesn’t matter at what scale your business is just a start or being at its peak. CocoFax is available for clients. And provides the services without any sort of discrimination. So, what are you thinking about? Start today with this splendid service and put yourself at ease. 

Searchable Faxes

It has a feature that allows the users to search the faxes using a keyword. It directly means the users don’t have to strain their energies and spend their time to find some specific fax. They can easily search it by a simple keyword.

24/7 Customer support

CocoFax is available 24/7 for its customers. You can contact them at any time and get your problem solved. They have highly professional staff to deal with the customers and ensure that the customer’s problem or concern is resolved.

Admin Portal 

CocoFax provides the user with an admin portal to manage team members and fax numbers. The admin can add or remove the members at any time they want to. From this admin panel, it becomes really easy for the admins to manage the faxing procedures.


We hope the information was sufficient to understand what exactly it is to fax via google and Gmail. If you have any questions, contact the customer care unit or come back to us. And get started today with this highly fantastic service.

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