F1 2020 Release Date
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F1 2020 Release Date

F1 2020 Release Date has been announced! That’s right, today (Wednesday 15th April) Codemasters have announced that the official videogame of the 2020 FIA Formula One World Championship will be released in July 2020.

F1 2020 Release Date

With a confirmed release date and a long list of great new features, F1 2020 looks (at least on paper) to be so much better than any of the former games in the series. So without further ado, let’s take a look at everything we know so far.

It’ll be available for the PS4, XBOX ONE and PC. And, in a first for the official F1 game series it’ll be available on Google Stadia.

So when’s the release date? It’ll be available for the above platforms on Friday 10th July 2020. A fantastically poignant release date as it also happens to be the 70th Anniversary of F1.

Friday launch dates always go down well with fans too! We love a Friday release as we get to play it all weekend and pull those epic all nighters with your friends. We’re really excited about the F1 2020 Release Date. The screenshots and the announcement trailer look spectacular.

F1 2020 Release Date Gameplay Trailer

Codemasters have finally released the first full in-game trailer for F1 2020. And we couldn’t be more excited.

The trailer also confirms that Formula 2 will make a return following its successful debut last year. Now fully integrated into Career mode, F2 allows players to choose from full, half-season and three-race challenge options, creating the ultimate F1 training ground. Players will have access to the 2019 F2 season at launch with the 2020 season coming as a free update later in the year. 

There was also news announced that they’ll be 16 classic cars featuring in F1 2020, the cars that’ll appear in the game are:

  • 2010 Red Bull RB6
  • 2010 Ferrari F10
  • 2010 McLaren MP4-25
  • 2009 Brawn BGP 001
  • 2008 McLaren MP4 –23
  • 2007 Ferrari F2007
  • 2006 Renault R26
  • 2004 Ferrari F2004
  • 2003 Williams FW25
  • 2000 Ferrari F1 2000
  • 1998 McLaren MP4-13
  • 1996 Williams FW18
  • 1992 Williams FW14
  • 1991 McLaren MP4/6   
  • 1990 Ferrari 641   
  • 1990 McLaren MP4/5B

INCLUDED IN THE F1 2020 Deluxe Schumacher Edition

  • 1991: Jordan 191 
  • 1994: Benetton B194 
  • 1995: Benetton B195 
  • 2000: Ferrari F1-2000

F1 2020 Release Date – Announcement Trailer

About F1 2020 – F1 2020 Release Date

F1 2020 is the official video game of the 2020 Formula One Championships. It’s developed and published by the legends over at Codemasters. It’s the thirteenth title in the F1 series developed by them.

The 2020 season could see Lewis Hamilton equal the World Championship record of seven wins. That’s the reason Codemasters are celebrating the career of the current record holder with the edition of some exclusive bonus content (more on that below).

F1 2020 New Game Mode

F1 2020 offers a new game mode called ‘My Team’. This new feature has been called ‘major’ in the announcement press release. The game mode allows you the ability to concoct your very own F1 team (that’s the stuff dreams are made of).

As part of that new game mode you’ll be able to let your team claim their place amongst the current established 2020 line-up. It’s a driver-manage type of game and it’s sure to add a new edge and excitement to the series.
My Team and Career mode gives you a lot more flexibility with how long you want the racing season to last.

You get three choices:
1. Original 22 race season
2. Shorter 10 race season
3. Medium length 16 race season

All of the options now includes Hanoi Circuit and Circuit Zandvoort which is great news. But, unless Codemasters add some classic tracks, say goodbye to Hockenheim.

Codemasters have confirmed that split-screen racing will make a return.

That’s a welcome return of two-player split-screen. It will allow you to play with friends and family in one household. We love split-screen, it brings back memories of gaming before the internet era, before everything was online. Split-screen F1 2020? What can we say? We can’t wait.

Online multiplayer will be present but it has always been something you need to tread carefully through. You’ll get reckless drivers who just wish to cause mayhem by sabotaging the race. Split screen may save you here but the F1 2020 automated anti ghosting system should help.

We just hope the automated system will help prevent ruthless and malicious drivers from trying to crash into your car ‘Kamikaze’ style.

Online Leagues were brilliant in F1 2019 but there is always room for improvements especially with server connectivity and lag. Multi-player exclusive customisation options would be a great addition too.

F1 2020 Release Date: The cars look fantastic!
F1 2020 Release Date: The cars look fantastic!

Will F1 2020 Have Cross Play?

We really hope F1 2020 comes cross-play ready on release.

Cross-platform play, or crossplay, is where gamers are able to play online multiplayer with players on other platforms. It’s a really popular concept amongst online Shoot Em Ups, Battle Royale and even Rocket League! The waiting rooms / lobbys of games that have cross-play enabled fill up really quickly!

The F1 player base is split almost evenly between Xbox, PS4, and PC it does get a bit difficult to find full race lobby. We hope F1 2020 doesn’t suffer from the same.

The only reason they won’t enable cross-play would be due to PC gamers having an advantage. PC gamers have the edge due to the epic driving simulation tech available at their disposal. Just check out the image below. How could Xbox or PS4 players compete with that!

Will cross-play enabled F1 2020 be fair? Photo Credit: roadandtrack.com
Will cross-play enabled F1 2020 be fair? Photo Credit: roadandtrack.com

Pre Order For Bonus Exclusive Content

If you pre-order / purchase the F1 2020 Deluxe Schumacher Edition you’ll get to drive as the legend himself, Michael Schumacher. And if that’s not enough you’ll also get three days early access to the game.

You’ll be able to drive four of the legendary German driver’s most iconic cars. That’s not all, you’ll also receive exclusive content including themed car liveries and driver customisation items which includes a unique podium emote.

What iconic cars will you get to drive? The four cars included in the F1 2020 Deluxe Schumacher Edition are:

  • 1991: Jordan 191 
  • 1994: Benetton B194 
  • 1995: Benetton B195 
  • 2000: Ferrari F1-2000

Additionally, to celebrate the Seventieth Anniversary of Formula 1 there’s another special edition for you to get your hands on. It’s called the F1 2020: F1 Seventy Edition. If you buy it you’ll get an awesome set of in-game items.

There’s more! If you buy your copy from a retail store there will be a limited edition steel case edition available. It won’t be available everywhere unfortunately. They say it’s ‘available in local markets via selected retailers’.

From The Press Release – F1 2020 Release Date

You can read more from the official press release below:

“F1® 2020 promises to be our biggest and most innovative title to date,” said Paul Jeal, F1® Franchise Director at Codemasters. “Our core players will welcome even greater gameplay depth with the introduction of our brand-new My Team feature, alongside three customisable season lengths which allows them to pick their favourite tracks. In the year where Lewis Hamilton is going for his seventh World Championship, we celebrate the greatest F1® driver of all time with our Michael Schumacher Deluxe Edition, which we know will prove popular with our community.”
“As huge fans of F1®, we continue to innovate and develop game modes that bring players even closer to the real-world sport,” said Lee Mather, F1® Game Director at Codemasters. “We’ve also added new modes to enable more casual players to get up to speed more easily, and we’ve brought back split-screen for social play with friends. The additions reduce both the difficulty and time barrier to entry while retaining the car handling that our simulation players love.”
For future news and details on all the new features follow Formula 1 game website and social channels on InstagramTwitterYouTube and Facebook.

What about the next-gen gaming platforms?

F1 2020 will be out before the PS5 and Xbox Series X. They’ve been confirmed to be backwards compatible so you won’t have to fork out for another copy if you upgrade your console.


F1 2019’s success came down to very consistent and reliable gameplay, let’s hope F1 2020 follows in the footsteps of it’s predecessor and stakes a claim as being the best ever Formula One racing game.

Who are Codemasters?

Codemasters are an award-winning British video game developer and publisher with over 30 years of heritage. The company specialises in high-quality racing games including DiRT, GRID, and the BAFTA award-winning official F1 series of video games.

The company was founded by brothers Richard and David Darling all the way back in October 1986. It’s one of the oldest British game studios and has several awards to it’s name. In 2005 Codemasters was named the best independent video game developer by magazine Develop. Head on over to codemasters.com to find out more.

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