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eSports Betting: The impressive rise of betting on gaming

The first signs of eSports betting came about in 2013 / 2014. The first games to have bets taken on them were Counter Strike: Global Offensive and Dota 2. These bets were unregulated and placed with un-regulated betting chips.

As online multiplayer games started to become more popular, betting on eSports did too.

How Does eSports Betting Work?

eSports gambling works mostly the same as with traditional sports bets.

You are by no means restricted to betting on a winner, you can find all sorts of betting options, like who will kill the first dragon, plus handicaps and total kill options etc.

Most gambling sites allow users to bet based on the chance of an outcome of the following:

  • Tournaments
  • Matches
  • First Blood
  • First Map
  • Number of Kills
  • Odds or Even Numbers

Some online bookmakers also allow bets to be placed in their in-game currency.

eSports Betting is getting really popular!

The benefits of eSports betting

eSport specific betting sites have really taken off in recent years. Traditional bookmakers do also accept bets on some esport events. You can find more traditional gambling and betting sites over on Online Casino Snoop.

Many people bet on eSports because it allows them the opportunity to turn their passion into a potential profit. If you are a passionate fan of a particular game, you stand an excellent chance of beating the bookmakers. You’ll need to analyse each players performance, weaknesses and past games to stand a decent chance of getting a profit on your bets.

eSports is a fairly new betting category. The odds fluctuate massively and there is money to be made. The companies who make the odds don’t have years and years of historical data to calculate the odds. If you can outwit the bookmaker, you’ll be able to make a decent amount for a small outlay. But, as with all betting, make sure you are gambling responsibly.

The rapid rise of eSports betting

As of April 2020, eSports betting is one of the fastest growing and exciting categories in the gambling industry. With the nature of eSports being video games, it creates unlimited possibilities for unique bets such as round-by-round betting in first person shooters, or hyper-niche bets like first Ultimate kill in the world’s most popular esport game, League of Legends.

There are literally hundreds of new game titles constantly being released so you’ll always have a new game to bet on. There is an ever-increasing audience of eSports fans, so the eSports industry is only going to get bigger year on year.

eSports such as Rocket League, FIFA and F1 eSports are increasing in popularity, the viewer numbers are reportedly rising by 15% each year.

Twitch, YouTube and other streaming platforms have enjoyed massive increases in audience figures in the eSports gaming world too. There are whole stadiums jam packed full of screaming fans all wanting a piece of the action.

It’s a massive industry with unlimited potential and one that is only going to keep on growing.

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