Emerging Trends in Mobile Gaming for 2020

The mobile gaming industry has remarkably grown since 2016, and by the end of 2020, the industry is expected to generate a revenue of 165.9 billion USD. Most mobile game trends are a direct result of the technological advancements in AR, VR, and Cloud gaming. Mobile game developers must be aware of the current trends to stay ahead of their competitors. Which trends would innovate and shape the mobile gaming industry in 2020? Let’s find out.

Augmented Reality in Mobile Gaming

Augmented Reality gives a completely new dimension to mobile gaming. According to Statista, by 2021, the consumer spends on AR applications across the world would reach almost 8 billion USD. What’s the reason for this Euphoria? Remember the time when you were running after Pokémon on the street? The immersive and interactive environment attracts billions of players into the world of mobile gaming. Besides the all-time popular AR games like Ingress, Pokémon Go; some of the latest ones include Minecraft Earth, Harry Potter – Wizards Unite, and Zombie Go. AR is surely bringing in the WOW factor into mobile gaming apps.

Virtual Reality Mobile Gaming

Previously, VR was mainly into PC and Console gaming. Many gaming sites, including online casinos and virtual sports, are adopting VR technology to provide an immersive experience. You can find AR and VR compatible smartphones and budget-friendly VR glasses like Google Cardboard and Gear VR. Together AR and VR have led the global digital transformation, impacting many economies across the world. AR/VR has transformed the gaming industry and is majorly responsible for driving digital transformation across Canada. Some of the popular VR games include – VR Noir, Hidden Temple, Proton Pulse, and Sisters.

Pokemon, Pokemon Go, Pocket Monster

Hyper-Casual Gaming is to stay

In 2019, the hyper-casual gaming genre generated more than 2 billion USD in revenue. If you love some of the most popular games like Sand Balls and Fun Race 3D, rest assured that hyper-casual is going to be a dominating trend in 2020. These gaming apps are very light and are supported by almost all smartphones. More so, hyper games are reported to watch more ads and download more games than others. No doubt, we see a huge number of gaming companies investing in hyper-casual mobile games.

Cross-Platform Gameplay

How about you play a game on your PC during weekends and continue the same game on your smartphone while on weekdays? A majority of gamers prefer cross-platform gameplay where they can play the same game on different devices while retaining the progress. The cloud storage facilities accelerate this trend. In this genre, some of the popular games include – Fortnite, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, and PUBG.

Monetizing Mobile Gaming

As the mobile gaming industry is rapidly evolving, so are the ways of monetizing the games. The developers are coming with new trends in monetizing mobile games. In-game ads would dominate this area in 2020. Some of the other methods are rewarding video ads, in-game purchases, and mobile ad mediation. Every gaming company is trying to incorporate new ways to generate more revenue from the craze towards these mobile gaming applications.


The mobile gaming market is booming, with more than 2.4billion gamers across the world. Do you still remember the Tetris or Nokia snake? That’s how this industry has revolutionized in the past two decades, and many new trends are yet to come.

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