Edifier W240TN Review
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Edifier W240TN Review

At $79 I’m wondering if these true wireless earbuds from Edifier will be any good? They’re firmly positioned in a market sector that’s absolutely flooded with headphones from a menagerie of different brands that most people have never heard of. And, the vast majority of them are quite frankly, garbage.

Will these stand out and find their own lane? Well, read my W240TN Review and find out.

Edifier W240TN Review

When I got the dispatch notice to say these were on the way, I’d just finished my first review back after a short hiatus. I’ve done loads of headphone and earbud reviews over the years and I still get excited when a new pair arrive, this time was no different.

So, let’s get into it and find out what these can offer and if the asking price point is a worthy investment.

First Impressions

I was sent the white version of the earbuds and the packaging that the W240TN came in, is really well made and tough. It looks great in matt white and features an embossed image of the earbuds. The front of the box also features the Edifier logo.

Now, because these are only $79 Edifier haven’t gone all out on the packaging front, it looks good but not as good as more expensive models such as the Edifier Neobuds S.

Opening up the box, you’ll be faced with the charging case presented front and centre, it’s a minimalist approach and one I like. It’s all about the earbuds and there aren’t any distractions, open the box and you can’t help but notice they’re right in front of you.

Picking up the charging case, it’s got a lovely weight to it. It’s not too heavy and is just the right side of large. What I mean by that is, it’s the perfect size to fit into your pocket without being too big to become uncomfortable.

The charging case is brilliantly made.
The charging case is brilliantly made.

Single Use Plastic

I was pleasantly surprised to see a limited amount of single use plastic used in the packaging of these earbuds. There’s shrinkwrap on the outside of the box, a plastic hook for shop display purposes and a plastic insert holding the spare ear tips.

I’d like to see Edifier change the ear tip holder to be a planet friendly paper or cardboard one, this would make an immediate difference and reduction in single use plastic.

Overall my first impressions are good, they certainly don’t look like they’re a set of budget earbuds. Let’s move on now and take a look at what’s in the box and the build quality, which Edifier are renowned for.

What’s In The Box

  • W240TN earbuds
  • Charging case
  • 4 spare ear tips
  • USB-C charging cable
  • Instruction booklet
  • Storage bag

Build Quality

It’s getting a little boring covering the build quality of Edifier earbuds. It’s boring because I’ve very rarely got anything negative to say about it. The last time I found something I was concerned about was when i reviewed the XM3BT.

It’s difficult to look at the W240TN’s objectively, but in the interest of open and honest review writing, I will. The W240TN’s build quality is, in a word, terrific. They’ve been superbly put together with great quality raw materials.

Let’s start by looking at the charging case. The plastic it’s made with is really thick and lifting the lid on the case gives you an idea as to how much protection the case would offer the earbuds should you drop it.

The charging case lid hinge is actually stronger than the one on the Neobuds S, which I reviewed on the blog recently. To test how strong the W240T’s lid was (and don’t try this at home) I bent it back as much as I could, it didn’t make any plastic creaking sounds or anything.

I didn’t use all my strength in this test, as the goal is not to break it but get a real world test of the forces involved if it got stuck on something such as a jeans pocket etc.

The scratch test (using a knife to try and leave a mark on the plastic) also passed with flying colours.

In terms of battery life, utilising the charging case you’ll get around 25 hours playback which is brilliant. It’s definitley one of the ‘x factors’ when considering to buy these or not.

The W240TN is not only well made but it looks great too. The gloss white earbuds matched with the silver Edifier styling touches is pleasing on the eye.

On the outer edges of the earbuds you’ll find the buttons that can be used to play or pause your music. They aren’t super clicky but are tactile enough to know when you’ve pressed one.

They’re super comfortable too, I wore them for around 1 hour during a 10km run and I didn’t feel any discomfort at all. I did have to adjust the ear tips though, but as there are a handful of different sizes I found one to fit my ears.

Overall, I can’t fault the build quality or styling, I’m looking forward to listening to how good the sound quality is, so let’s move onto that now.

The earbuds are comfortable and lightweight.
The earbuds are comfortable and lightweight.

Sound Quality

I’m going to be testing these out by watching a Disney+ documentary called ‘Welcome to Wrexham‘. It’s a documentary about a football club takeover and will include lots of talking, shouting and musical soundbites. All of that should be a good test for the earbuds.

The opening of the documentary features a song aswell as a voice over. It’s a good initial test.

It’s always impressive when a budget offering is able to effectively manage the unique sound stage of a song or TV show. Each individual instrument or vocal is placed correctly from left to right. For example, a car traveling from left to right on screen, sounds perfect.

This offering from Edifier has a lovely natural detail to the treble, vocals sound bright and individual instrument elements are easily picked out.

For the vast majority of the mid-range it sounds just ‘ok’. The saving grace here though, is that vocals are lovely and clear. Individual instruments such as pianos and flutes sound surprisingly good also.

The bass sounds good, but not as punchy as I expected when you consider the size of the drivers, I excepted a bit more of a slam. Edifier tend to have a heavier low end frequency compared to what’s on display here. But, again for the price, it is what it is.

Active Noise Cancellation

For a set of earbuds that cost less than $80 they do come with active noise cancellation. It’s definitley not the best ANC on the market, however it did drown out the vast majority of my office background noise.

If you’re buying them specifically for the ANC then you may be disappointed but as an extra feature on a budget set of earbuds, it’s perfectly acceptable.

The Geeky Bit

Playtime8.5 hours
ANC Playtime7 hours
Input Voltage5V
Drivers6mm + 10mm
ChargingUSB C
IP RatingIP55
Edifier W240TN are great budget earbuds.
Edifier W240TN are great budget earbuds.

Summary & Verdict

Well, what can I say? The W240TN’s cost less than $80. If you buy these you won’t be disappointed. Don’t get me wrong, they won’t win any earbud of the year awards but they’re not designed for that.

Score: 7.5 / 10

They’re extremely well built and the sound quality is great.

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