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Wooden enclosure, Two 48mm full-range drivers, integrated double passive radiator and multiple inputs.

Edifier® International Limited award-winning manufacturer and designer of consumer audio electronics, announce details for the MP230 Portable Bluetooth Speaker – a stylish new product which matches modern hi-fi stereo with a vintage-inspired design language.

Edifier’s MP230 combines classic design aesthetics with modern smart audio to produce a well-rounded, premium Bluetooth speaker that wouldn’t look amiss on the shelves of a trendy inner-city apartment in London’s Soho or Pierre Koenig’s Stahl House in the Hollywood Hills.

Producing high audio fidelity, the MP230 is designed to help users enjoy music in comfort and escape the bustling day-to-day. The speaker includes a stereo acoustic system composed of two 48mm full-range drivers and an integrated large double passive radiator, capable of producing a frequency response of 70Hz-13KHz. Thanks to in-built Class-D digital amplifiers (with 10W + 10W RMS power output), the MP230 can reduce distortion and enhance bass frequencies bringing users an open sound field and well-rounded-yet-engaging audio experience. One thing’s for certain, it produced more than enough ‘oomph’ to fill any small-to-medium size room making it perfect for use in nearly any living space.

Combining nostalgia with ambitious form and function, Edifier’s MP230 places particular importance on material technology. Built using the most advanced production techniques and materials, aesthetically, the MP230 mixes classic ’70s chic with the minimalist tendencies of mid-century modernism, including: a beech-like finish, a multi-colour fabric mesh enclosure and gold trim. For those who appreciate sturdy and reliable build quality, the MP230 also has satisfying, piano-like keys that press with a warm and gratifying ‘click’ – a nice retro touch reminiscent of old analogue tape recorders and Walkmans. 

In terms of structural design, the MP230 comes in an acoustic-friendly wooden cabinet matched with front and rear covers made of high-density resin: a material which suppresses excess vibrations during high-frequency resonance. This and the precision machining of MP230 allow it to have minimal quality loss at varying volume levels, producing impeccable sound quality across the board– one of the major advantages of this product against a crowded market of small, affordable and portable speakers.

Finally, the MP230 comes with up to 16 hours of playback time, smart-charging capabilities and multiple input options, including: stable Bluetooth v5.0, AUX, sound card and TF card.

Main Features:

  • Stereo acoustic system composed of two 48mm full-range drivers and integrated large double passive radiator
  • MDF wooden enclosure reduces acoustic resonance
  • 2600mAh large battery capacity supports up to 16 hours of music playback under Bluetooth connection
  • Class-D digital amplifier with 10W+10W RMS power output
  • Bluetooth V5.0 ensures stable connection
  • Multiple inputs: AUX, sound card and TF card
  • Retro design with easy button control


Bluetooth version V5.0V5.0
Power outputs (RMS)10W+10W
Frequency response70Hz-13KHz
Audio inputsBluetooth, TF card, AUX, sound card
Input sensitivity
Signal-noise ratio≥85dB(A)
Noise level400mAh
Better capacity2600mAh
Playback timeUp to 16 hours
Charging portUSB Type-C

Price & Availability:

Available for £99.99 from Amazon.

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