Edifier CC200 Review
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Edifier CC200 Review

I’ve not reviewed an office headset before, the Edifier CC200 is exactly that. It’s a functional headset designed to be used for professionals and office workers alike.

When I first saw the Edifier headset, it reminded me of my time working in a call centre. It was quite a few years ago now and we never had access to modern wireless headsets. The headsets I used to use were pretty terrible.

I’m hoping this Edifier offering will be a vast improvement over the awfully uncomfortable headsets I used to use back in the day. So, let’s get into my Edifier CC200 Review and find out if this is any good or not.

Edifier CC200 Review

As usual, we’ll start with my first impressions and then take a deeper dive into the CC200 features to see what it’s capabilities are.

It’s a tough one to review, with a functional mono headset sound quality isn’t really a primary measure. I guess I’ll have to focus more on the build quality, function over form and connectivity aspects of the CC200.

Let’s dive a bit deeper and take a look at my first impressions.

This mono headset is well designed.
This mono headset is well designed.

First Impressions

What struck me when I got my first glimpse at the CC200 headset was the packaging. I’d assumed because it was a product orientated towards office use, Edifier would have scrimped on the packaging. I was wrong.

The packaging carries the same great design using strong cardboard as other Edifier products I’ve reviewed recently. On the front of the box you’ve got product imagery and details explaining some of the functionality.

The main dark grey background colour looks good, but I think it could be made a bit lighter because the headset is black. It’s not a great contrast and doesn’t allow the headset to be the main focus when looking at the product box.

Single Use Plastic

On the face of it, a good attempt at not using much single use plastic. There is shrink wrap on the outside of the box, but it’s ever so thin. Edifier could replace this with a security sticker on the opening, which would immediately reduce plastic use by quite a lot.

The tray insert in which the headset sits is also made of plastic. Another immediate ‘win’ would be to replace this with a cardboard, which as we all know is infinitely recyclable.

Overall my first impressions are good. It’s difficult to get too excited over a headset, but I’ll give it my best show. Let’s take a look at the build quality now then.

It charges with USB-C
It charges with USB-C

Build Quality

It’s quite lightweight, which helps with comfort. You certainly don’t need a big, bulky headset sat on your head for a shift in a call centre.

The metal band that wraps around the top of your head is quite thin, it’s sort of a retro Sony Walkman vibe with a modern twist. Because of how thin it is, I thought it’d dig into your scalp, but actually it’s really rather comfortable. And because of how light it is, you hardly notice you’re wearing it.

As the metal band is on the skinny side, it’s easy to flex it. To test how strong it is I twisted it as far as I could. It did unfortunately bend and then didn’t snap back to the original position, I had to bend it back the other way. Once I’d done that though, you couldn’t tell it had ever been bent.

This proves it would stand up to the rigors of day to day call centre or office use.

One thing that is missing from this headset is a swiveling earcup on both axis. It can swivel up and down but not left and right. It’s a tiny issue but one that could cause some users to not find a comfortable position for the headset on their head.

Another thing to bear in mind, is that the microphone arm doesn’t move inwards towards your mouth, it can only move up or down. Edifier say that it’s dual microphone array will help capture your voice effectively so this shouldn’t matter in the real world. Old habits die hard of having to get the mic as close to my mouth as possible.

Once the microphone arm is in position, it stays there. It’s got a nice stiffness to it, which will help keep it in range of your mouth when on the phone.

The buttons on the side of the earcup are well made and tactile. I like that the main ‘call’ button is on the end of the microphone arm, it makes it easier to answer or terminate a call without fiddling around trying to find the correct one to press.

A bug bear of most call centre workers (and I used to be one of them) is that if you’re using a wired device, you can’t get up and walk around to stretch your legs before the length of the cable restricts you. The Edifier CC200 has around 10m of effective Bluetooth range. Plenty of room to have a short walk to move around and get the blood flow back to your extremities.

Battery Life

A major plus point on this headset is the battery life. It’s got a whopping 64 hours of battery life when using it for music.

Using it in anger for taking calls all day, you’ll get 29 hours. Which is more than enough for 3 shifts without charging it. You don’t want to be running late and turn up at your desk to find your device isn’t charged.

It’ll take around 1.5 hours to charge, so plug it in on your breaks and lunch to keep it topped up. There isn’t any audio pass through, this means you can’t use the headset whilst it’s charging.


The CC200 connects to iOS, Android, PC and Mac via Bluetooth 5.0. It charges using the bundled USB-C charging cable which is unbranded and not the greatest quality to be honest.

Now, let’s take a look at how it performs in the sound department.

It comes with a spare earcup.
Edifier CC200 Review: It comes with a spare earcup.

Sound Quality

I’m not expecting greatness. It’s a mono headset, so I’m expecting real lack of bass and a fair amount of sound leakage. Which is to be expected as it’s primary function is calls not music.

I used the CC200 for a few hours in my day to day calls. My go to headset is a pair of generic headphones without a boom mic, the Edifier offering is a definite improvement over that.

On a morning call my colleagues said that they could hear my voice, it sounded natural, it was very clear and with minimum background hum.

The comments my colleagues made makes sense. Edifier say that the noise cancellation technology on the microphone help minimise background noise and enable a conversation to sound as if it was in person.

Where To Buy

You can buy these from Amazon for $56.99 / £49.99. Check the latest deals, hit the affiliate link here to buy them from Amazon.

Summary & Verdict

It’s a solid headset and the sound quality, for a mono headset, is superb. If you’re on the fence about buying this headset the build quality alone should sway your decision.

Score: 8/10

It’s super comfortable and the call quality will surprise you. It’s less than £49.99 on Amazon, so it’s definitley worth it.

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