E-sports betting – the past and the present

Betting has become something that is more discussed on social media and other platforms in recent times. More people than before the pandemic enjoy gambling, and especially placing bets on sports. 

But for those of us not particularly interested in traditional sports, there are other alternatives. Where traditional bettors might look towards nfl expert picks ahead of a big game a sunday night that they watch on ESPN, someone who enjoys E-sports will most likely read social media and tune in to watch the stream on Twitch. Betting on E-sports has grown in tandem with the phenomena at large, and today there are plenty of options for those interested in placing bets on 

E-sports bettings humble beginnings

Betting on E-sports can trace its roots back to the mid 2010’s, when Counter-Strike: Global Offensive was just starting to become a massive E-sport in its own right. Dedicated players with programming skills quickly realized that they could build a platform where their fellow players and E-sports fans could bet in-game items on E-sports matches. 

Due to a bunch of legal issues for the developers of the game, Valve, these platforms were not long lived. But it showed traditional betting companies that there was a serious market to tap into in regards to betting on E-sports. After these websites had been switched off by Valve, it did not take long for traditional betting companies, often more focused on providing nfl picks, started offering up the possibility of betting on E-sports in a similar manner to other sports.

E-sports betting today 

The E-sports scene of today is nothing compared to its beginnings. Where the first E-sports competitions usually were held at LAN’s with a couple of their friends watching and the grand prize being 50 dollars and a couple of pizzas to share, E-sports of today frequently sell out massive stadiums. Some of the biggest tournaments reach half a million viewers and a whole ecosystem around Esports has evolved in the same manner it would around traditional sports.  

The most popular game to bet on is still, by far, Counter-Strike. This is now offered by many of the largest gambling companies world wide and by all accounts these options are very popular. Instead of having players place their bets at (sometimes) dodgy websites, those interested can now turn to a properly regulated gambling company which in turn helps legitimize the undertaking. 

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