The coronavirus pandemic has affected virtually all sectors of the human domain and social lifestyles. From government parastatals and economy to the sport and its calendar, the virtual gaming world is not exempted from the influence of this global pandemic.  

DOTA 2 fans across the globe are used to summer being the time when all the team challenge for the best gaming title. But, there has been a little tweak in the time frame of the competition challenge, due to the global pandemic, the fans summertime for gaming fun and competitiveness have largely interrupted and thus derived the fan all over from this annually joyful experience.  

Although, the change has affected the core time timing, the leading European teams, Epic Esports and WePlay! Esports decided to cook something special for the fans. To bring the DOTA 2 environment an event that would provide the level of competition, content and production. 

Omega league is filled with differential league standards with panache enthusiasm ranging from the different competition in the upper class and lower class and from three regions of the world. Omega league Europe, Asia and America. 

But Europe’s highest and by far the most competitive lounge of the Europe Omega league with highest prize money is making waves across the globe with a peak record of 400000 viewers. 

The EU Immortal Division is the biggest in the League, especially with its half a million dollars prize pool where every participant has a chance to win something, either the biggest or the lowest. The division had been fiercely contested. 

In Group A, it’s a three-way tie with Evil Geniuses, Team Nigma, and all having a 2–1 record. What makes this unique is that the teams are joining the tournament with some changes in their rosters. 

Team Nigma, for example, is playing without its team captain Kuro “KuroKy” Salehi Takhasomi, who is still out due to an arm injury. He has been sidelined since early August. Standing in for him is Roman “rmN-“ Paley, who is actually the team’s coach. 

After the end of all group stage matches in the Dota 2 OMEGA League EU Immortal Division were in the books and the results were, well, not that surprising. For the two groups, the lead belongs to the top Dota 2 teams. In addition to the EU Immortal Division. 

With this year underway, the Omega League has produced many stunning moments and competition so far. The team Secret has remained perfect in the Omega League Europe Immortal division group stage. But the surprise package has been how the team secret has pulled off their perfection with utmost ease. 

The advancing to a 4-0, Team Secret closed out its group staged round Robin matches with a clash against the OG. With the expectation so high as the competitive relationship between the two of Europe’s best teams, but it was instead a total stomp with two-time The International Champion on the receiving end.  

The Team Secret has been in an impressive run of form, blazing apart their opposition from all angles. Sportsbookreview in their betting preview and the fans across the globe had given Team Secret their support to win the Omega League this year and the Secret team have not been so disappointing this year. 

Secret has been the favorite to win almost every event it has competed in this year, but the team has looked even stronger in online leagues. After a rocky start, Secret rebounded and entered the Omega League having won six events in a row. Even if a month-long vacation may have built up some rust on Secret, the side has found its form instantly.  

Despite the EU Immortal division filled with the best of the rest in the upper league as md the competitive edge had been immense since it returned. Team Secret have been the absolute colossal for every team they met on the way as they remain perfect throughout the competition so far. The likes of Evil Geniuses and Team Nigma have been impeccable also, but the totality of the Team secret dominance had been a fairy tale.  

Twelve teams began play on Aug. 14 in the Europe Immortal Division, split into two groups of six. All matches are best-of-three until the best-of-five grand final.  

However, Team Secret awaited the winner of Sunday’s lower-bracket final between OG and Team Nigma. 

Nigma swept Alliance earlier Saturday in the lower bracket, winning in 39 and 44 minutes to send Alliance home in fourth place with $30,000.  

The European Immortal division had been mouth-watering and heavily contested, but the top teams are the lead once again as Team OG, Team Enigma and the most Informed team of the tournament, Team Secret have taken the lead according to the initial prediction of Dota 2 Omega league preview. 

OMEGA League: Europe Immortal Division prize pool 

1. $200,000 

2. $125,000 

3. $60,000 

4. $30,000 — Alliance 

5-6. $20,000 — Team Liquid, Evil Geniuses 

7-8. $15,000 —, 

9-10. $5,000 — FlyToMoon, 5men. 

11-12. $2,500 — Natus Vincere, Ninjas in Pyjamas 

Who will take home the exquisite prize among the too teams? Will it be The Team Secret, who had been the betting favourites? Or will it be the team that had been defeated twice by the Secrets in this year’s Immortal division, Team OG? Or will it be the team that had been silently competing for the prize, Team Nigma? Sunday is here to fulfil our curiosity.  

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