Different Worldwide Football Names and Styles

Football is arguably the world’s most popular sport. All you need is a ball and you can play football. It is played everywhere from the streets of Nigeria to the bright lights of Los Angeles.

The word “football” can actually mean different things in different countries. Terms like soccer, football, rugby, and American football are all sometimes used to describe the same sport, but depending on the audience those words could represent a different sport. 

While the words “soccer” and “football” can be used interchangeably sometimes, don’t say the word “football” to a group of American men gathering around the pub on a Sunday, as they will be watching American football, which is an entirely different sport. 

The biggest thing to remember when you are talking about football is to know your audience. If you are on a train in Europe, chances are you are talking about the type of football that has a World Cup and is played around the world. If you are talking about football in December in a bar in Wisconsin, chances are you are talking about the type of American football played by the Green Bay Packers.

Football versus Soccer

What most of the world knows as football, Americans know as soccer. Around the world, you can watch football at places like the Paradiso room or your favorite sports bar. With professional leagues in play in almost every country, football is the world’s most popular sport, since it is one of the few sports that is played almost everywhere. Given its popularity, there is no wonder you can watch football almost any time of day no matter what time zone you are in.

Weather doesn’t matter a whole lot, and you do not need a lot of money to play football. All you need is just a ball, which is why so many kids like to play. They grab a ball and can play a quick match with their friends whenever they want. It also doesn’t matter if the kids speak the same language, as football is a game that can break language barriers. 

The other reason football is so popular is that both men and women can play it without too many differences in style. There are major world tournaments for both sexes and depending on where you live, the women’s game might actually be more popular than the men’s game. 

American Football 

American football is quite different than football, as the rest of the world knows it. For starters, you cannot just pick up a ball and play a quick game. To play correctly, you need to have a lot of equipment from pads and helmets to goalposts. Typically played mostly by men, this sport is limited in who can participate.

That said, many Americans love American football and wouldn’t consider watching “soccer” instead of their version of football. While there is a soccer league in the United States, it just has not taken off in popularity the same way that American football has. As far as sports go, America lags behind the rest of the world in regards to men playing soccer.

On the other hand, the women’s national soccer team in America is consistently one of the best in the world, winning many World Cups and Olympic medals. While the sport lacks popularity amongst men, women in America love soccer. Since the last women’s World Cup there has also been a fight for equal pay for women, as their male counterparts make much more money despite not being as successful as the women’s national team in the United States of America. 

Worldwide Football Leagues

Most countries have some sort of football league. The Premier League in England is arguably the best, as it attracts the top talent from around the world. There are also cups that most leagues compete in against each other to crown an overall champion. The Champions League crowns an overall victor throughout Europe, which solves the dilemma each year of which is the best league in Europe. 

Europe has the Premier League in England, La Liga in Spain, Serie A in Italy, and a slew of other leagues all of which culminate in the Champions League. While no other continent has quite as many reputable leagues, you can also find football leagues in the United States (Major League Soccer), South Africa (Confederation of African Football), and other countries. With so much worldwide interest in the sport of football, it is no surprise that the World Cup is such a popular event every time it comes around every four years.


Rugby is sort of a combination of American football and soccer, and is popular in Australia and New Zealand. The sport of rugby is as if someone married American football and soccer, with a ball an oval shape and some tackling required, but without the pads and equipment of American football. Some say that Rugby requires the most brute strength of the three sports as you must be able to withstand the physicality of American football without the protection offered. 

While rugby is not as popular as football worldwide, it is a sport that is played in almost every country and not many sports can say that. The sport was created in the 19th century and has quite the history associated with it. 

The World Cup

The World Cup is arguably the most popular sporting event in the world. More people tune into the World Cup than care about the Olympics, and the sport of football is there for people even during the global pandemic. Men, women, and children all get excited to root for their home country when the World Cup comes around. 

Just about every country in the world gets excited about the World Cup. Is there anything else in the world that unifies countries like this? It is a global event respected by nearly everyone. Football has truly become a language that everyone can speak, breaking communication and language barriers

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