Coding Projects for Beginners
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Coding Projects For Beginners

When I first started coding I struggled to find a beginner coding project to work on, to help you on your journey to learn code, here’s a list of 5 of the best simple coding projects for beginners.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Hello World
  3. Website Monitor
  4. Console Login App
  5. About Me Website
  6. Random Team Generator

Coding Projects for Beginners

Most of this list is C#, and it contains some some really simple stuff. Just so you know, I’ve been through and built all of the projects in this list and learnt a hell of a lot whilst doing it. I’d recommend trying all of them, it’ll give you a real solid foundation and boost your confidence.

I’ve written another blog post where I detail how i’m learning to code, you’d probably find it really useful as it details a bit about my journey. There is most definitely value in creating practice projects. You should see my VSProjects folder on my PC, it’s full of them.

Coding Projects for beginners.
Just some of my other practice projects and, as you can see, I’ve reviewed them all this year.

Where to start as a new programmer? Start with Hello World!

Hello World, it’s a classic coding project for beginners.

A beginner programming staple, you aren’t a programmer if you have never created a Hello World console application. It goes without saying that building a Hello World project is a right of passage for many aspiring back-end developers. The ‘Hello, world!” application dates back to at least 1974, so it would be rude not to include it in this list. It’s the perfect introduction to coding.

Build a Website Monitoring Project

Website up check example project.
Website up check example project.

This application was probably the 3rd or 4th that I built. It’s really primitive in that all it does it sends a HTTP request to a website and reads the HTTP status code response. The programme then looks at the response code and depending on some condition either says UP or DOWN.

The great thing about this application is that it starts to give you exposure to some of the powerful features of C#. If this article gets enough views I’ll write a tutorial and post it so you guys can follow on and build it yourself. This would make a good project to add to my downloads section.

Another Console App: Beginner Login Form

Console Login App Example
My basic Console Login App Example

The first two App’s are fairly simple, this next one is a really simple Login App. Basically, when I came up with this project idea I was struggling to remember the syntax for calling another method from a separate class. This app was built by separating all of the classes into separate files in an attempt at ‘best practice’. The idea is that you should have one class in one file but this rule is NOT absolute, so don’t feel like you have to stick with that so called ‘rule’ all of the time.

Your first About Me Website

About me template example.
An example of the free templates available.

Yep, the next one in my list is a HTML / CSS website. It’s just one page and all it needs to do is explain a little bit about you. You don’t even need to write the HTML or CSS to build the template. For example, you’ll take a free template and make some code changes to it. This will get you used to making changes to a project, you need to make sure you follow coding best practices. Take backups of your original files before making the changes etc. Once you’ve done the About Me page, you could always expand on it and make it into the beginnings of a personal portfolio website.

Random Team Generator

A random team generator is a great first coding project for beginners.
A random team generator is a great project for beginner developers.

This is another great coding project for beginners, it’ll give you a real project to work on. I use one all the time with a 5-a-side football team I play with. We sort the players into two random teams, I use, it’s a really simple take on the random team generator application.

Back Up Application

I recently created a console application that would look into a directory and write the files names of that directory to a text file. The reason I did this is simple, I run a Plex server. You can play your own media using PLEX and I didn’t want to pay for backup storage.

If I lost a hard drive to hardware failure I’d lose a lot of films and TV series that I’d collected on DVD over the years and saved to my hard drive.

The simple console application I created looks into the hard drive. Saves a list of the file names and writes it to a text file on my C Drive. I then back that up to Google Drive.

If I lose a hard drive, all i need to do is look into the text file and see what was stored on it and then re save my DVD’s onto a new hard drive to allow me to stream my own media again.

It’s the perfect coding project for beginners as it users only one C# file and a config file. The best way to start creating an application like this is to use the StreamWriter class that’s in the System.IO namespace.

You can find out how to create it by searching StackOverflow.

Take your time With Coding Projects For Beginners

One of the things that was holding me back from learning code is that I wanted to know it all right away! It’s important that you take a step back and don’t rush. Things take time to learn especially code, you risk not understanding it if you try to take it all in at once.

This will cause problems later down the line when you need to remember a particular function or class that you didn’t understand at the time. Go through this list of Coding Projects for Beginners and once you’ve done them let me know in the comments. How did you get on? Did you run into any problems?

I hope these coding projects for beginners will help you! If you do have any issues with the projects or need any further support you can contact me in the comments or via my contact page.

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