CocoDoc Review: a Must for PDF Editing Tools Online

Every person who has tried a PDF editor knows the struggle of making changes due to the obsolete layout they have. Moreover, you may not even find some of the necessary tools to use because they might be locked and you would have to pay a large sum to unlock them. In order to stray away from such issues, people are starting to use CocoDoc as their main PDF editor. We went ahead and researched this tool for a few days so you won’t need to.

This article will teach you everything you will need to know about CocoDoc, its features, pros, and cons.


CocoDoc is an online PDF editor that provides the best editing features for your work! You can convert, edit, or sign any document with its help. The site has over a dozen features installed that both professional and non-professional users get to use this site without installing anything onto your computer. For people who have daily work that needs editing then this is the perfect site for it.

Moreover, it just takes a few seconds for it to create edits, convert files, and even add e-signatures. The features on this site seem endless. Also, let’s not forget about the PDF templates free to use for new users and long-time users as well. 

A very neat feature this site has is that it helps ease accessibility by allowing you to sign up and sign in using your Google account for your convenience! The site also saves the documents onto your cloud just in case you delete the original. 

Features offered by CocoDoc

The features of this website are the perfect fit for the majority of users around the world that want to edit a PDF. 

Here are some of the best.

Convert files

CocoDoc offers a unique feature where you can convert any file into a PDF and edit it so that users from many different apps get the chance to take advantage of the site’s unique tools. During the conversion, the site keeps in mind the page layout and converts it based on that.

Merge & Compress files

CocoDoc offers a unique feature that allows users to lower the size of their files without any effect on the quality of the file. This specific feature has attracted many newcomers just because they can lower the size of their files in order to send them to a colleague at work. You can also merge up to 5 PDF files together for convenience purposes.


CocoDoc offers a feature that allows you to sign a document online! The sign would be authentic and can even seem like it was hand-signed. This feature has helped many users by saving them time from doing anything else to get the signature.

PDF Editing

This is the main feature of CocoDoc. It allows you to draw, write, and add notes onto a document without making an impact on the size of the file. You can also add or remove any word/error in your file with ease and the output would still be of top quality.

Advantages of CocoDoc

Easy to use: CocoDoc has designed such a system that even a 10-year-old can run it without any issues. 

Free Trial: CocoDoc has a 14-day trial waiting for you to claim! You will get access to the best of the best features of the site and once you experience it, I am sure you would want to come back again.

Advanced Features: Most of the features seen on this site are quite rare and you will not be able to find the same features at the rates of CocoDoc.

Excellent security: The site is SSL encrypted so no one can gain access to your data without your password. 

Disadvantages of CocoDoc

Of course, no review is complete with the disadvantages.

Paid Services: After the trial period, you will have to pay for some of the tools in order to get access to them so you will have to make sure you use your trial carefully and then consider purchasing a subscription since statistically, this is the best PDF editor at its rates.

No Mobile App: The mobile application is only available for users who have a purchased package which means that you must do your editing on a computer.


After discussing everything about CocoDoc from the good to the bad, we can conclude that CocoDoc is an excellent application for all users. It has been used by over 1 million people and has been rated a solid 5.0/5.0 in performance and design. 

Thus, we recommend CocoDoc as our PDF editor.

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