Classic PS1 Games That Have Been Ported to Mobile

Ever get the urge to revisit old classic original PlayStation games but don’t fancy attempting to set up the old console in the attic? Not to worry, thanks to the wonders of modern technology and the good work of the game publishers, many classic PS1 games have been ported to mobile. Not only can you now play some of your old favourites, but you can play them on the go!

Gaming on Smartphones

Gone are the days where snake was the only form of entertainment on your phone. Mobile entertainment has now expanded to include a variety of gaming types. Freemium games like Candy Crush have surged in popularity, and indie hits such as Flappy Bird show the range of games available. Another area of entertainment that has grown on smartphones is online casino platforms, where companies such as William Hill have optimized classic games like blackjack and other live dealer games for mobile use. 

And in addition to all this, retro console games are now available to play on smartphones. We’ve picked out three classic big hitters for this article. However, there are many more available. 

Final Fantasy (I – IX, except VIII) 

Square Enix have pulled out all the stops to get what is commonly referred to as the best RPG series onto the mobile market. The Final Fantasy series technically predates the original PlayStation, as I – IV were all developed for the NES and SNES. However, the big PS1 hitters of Final Fantasy VII and IX are both available on the App Store and Google Play. 

Final Fantasy VII is often regarded as the best game of all time by some people, with a complex and encapsulating story along with incredible gameplay that still holds up today. The graphics may seem a bit dated at first – however, once you get used to polygon visuals, the game really is a masterpiece. 

Tomb Raider

Lara Croft would eventually go on to be an international gaming sensation, with multiple titles across different platforms and even Hollywood blockbusters based on the Tomb Raider series. The 1996 original Tomb Raider is available to play on iOS and Android and comes packed with all the nostalgia and challenging puzzles you remember it for. The camera angle can be a little awkward to deal with, but it doesn’t really detract from the gameplay. Tomb Raider is filled with challenges and action which turned Lara Croft into an icon. Fans are hoping for a Tomb Raider reboot after the last game failed to meet expectations. But until then, the original classic is available to pick up on mobile.  

Rayman Classic

Another icon who ended up turning into a huge media franchise, Rayman always shined even from his original appearance in Rayman Classic. It’s a beautifully animated side-scrolling platformer that stills plays very well on a smartphone device. Despite it looking and running smoothly, you can’t overlook how difficult this game gets and it is a real challenge to complete. 

Developers that have ported these classic games to mobile app stores have made them accessible to a whole new audience as well as letting the original fans revisit the games through a new platform.

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