All PS Plus Games in 2022.

All Free PS Plus Games in 2022

Here are all the new PS Plus Games in 2022. We’ll cover all of the free PS Plus Games available to subscribers in 2022. Within our article we’ll create a complete list of every single title given away as part of Sony’s subscription service this year. We’ll update the article […]

The new Gamesir T4 Mini
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The New GameSir T4 Mini

Leading producer of innovative gaming peripherals, GameSir is pleased to announce the release of the T4 Mini: a condensed gaming controller that combines functionality with ergonomic design. Gamers spend hours hunkered over their controllers, passionately playing through their favourite games and immersing themselves in escapism. No wonder then, that comfort […]

The Best PS5 Games PS Plus Collection

The Best PS Plus Games for PS5

There are many advantages of having a PS Plus membership, gaining exclusive access to a collection of games you can play on the PS5. It’s probably the best perk you get with a subscription, here’s the best PS Plus Games for the PS5. Sony Studios collaborating with third-party developers has […]

Chocobo GP Release Date
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Chocobo GP Nintendo Switch Release Date

The Chocobo GP Nintendo Switch Release Date has been announced. Yes, you read that right; your eyes aren’t deceiving you. Square Enix released the news that Chocobo GP is coming soon to the Nintendo Switch. Chocobo GP is an upcoming kart racing video game developed and published by Square Enix. It is scheduled for release […]