Career Options for the Computer Savvy

If you love working on computers and find yourself good at fixing issues that arise on the computer, you might be wondering what career options are best for you. Since many jobs now require tech skills, there are an endless amount of job opportunities for those who are computer savvy.


Before diving into careers, you might want to look into education choices. Although not all computer jobs will require a degree, you will have a leg up during the interview process if you have a degree because it shows you already have experience. 

Many Bachelor of Science in Computer Science programs also have internship placements so you can meet people in the industry and possibly get a job easier when you are done with school.

Web Development

Most people who have online businesses need help building their business site unless they have studied computer and software development. Although many people use WordPress and make their own websites, web developers are still important because they can make the site look better and more professional. 

If you are a web developer, you can work on your own or for a company depending on your preferences. You will also need to learn to code. This job also allows you to show your creative design because you will be designing websites and making them look colorful and specific to the company you are making them for.

IT Support

This is great for people who are computer savvy and also have some experience in customer support. You will be able to consult with people who are having issues with their computers and help them figure out a solution. 

This can be a very satisfying job for those who want to make sure other people know how their computers work. Some people need IT to support simple things while some of the problems might be larger. This allows you to critically think and problem solve.

Digital Analytics

If you also love business and sifting through data, this might be the job for you. You will be in charge of going through large amounts of data and seeing how companies can use the data to make smart business decisions. 

You can also analyze web traffic to see where companies can put their ads to better target people and make more money.

Software Development

This career path has many different options. You can either build software from scratch or help tweak ones that already exist. You can also make apps for clients or make video games if that is something you are interested in. 

Software development often involves more coding than other jobs, so it can open up your job prospects to more things in the future once you have learned and mastered coding.

Computer Engineering

Computer engineering is best for those who love to build their own PCs or also have some interest in robotics. Finding a job in computer engineering can also be easy because the world is quickly developing in this field as more and more jobs are using computers to make lives easier. 

Computer engineering will probably require a degree though as it’s a more complicated field and people want to make sure you are qualified.

Social Media Manager

This is a great job for those who are computer savvy but also love to help people build their social media platforms such as blogs, Instagram, and Twitter. You can also help people grow their followers and build a blog website.

Final Thoughts

There are many different careers open to you if you are computer savvy such as software development and computer engineering. You can also work for yourself or others.

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