Best Co-operative Games to Play with Friends

The advent of co-operative gaming dates back to 1973 when Atari introduced their Arcade video game called Pong Doubles. Much later, games like Wizard of Wor introduced the option of co-operative two-player gaming. Since then, game publishers have launched a bunch of games that adopt the collaborative gaming model.   

Co-operative gaming helps teams imbibe good communication and time management and sharpen their problem-solving skills. Just like in business, where partnership helps business growth, and in online casino gaming where the winning stakes of Progressive Slots increase as more people join the bet, Co-operative gaming has brought a lot of fun, adventure and excitement to the gaming industry. 

The best co-op games are adventure games that explore new worlds while you and your partners navigate the hurdles and challenges of winning your quest. Here’s a list of a few such games you should try out with your friends. 


Based on lore that outlawed magic is about to destroy the world and bring an end to everything, Divinity Original Sin 2 throws players into a chaotic battleground, where they will fight as a group of two or four to avert the impending doom. 

This full-fat RPG adventure game launches players into a horrific well of mechanics where they have to interact and collaboratively find their bearing, after which they will set forth on the ultimate quest to save the world. This co-op game is regarded as one of the best RPG games of all time.


Trine 2 features three main fantasy characters—a wizard, a warrior and a rogue— each of whom tries to t solve a series of puzzles with their distinct abilities and characteristics. Typically, Trine is designed to be a solo game. But the actual fun comes to the flesh when two players with different abilities collaborate, thereby subverting the game and accessing places and functions that solo players cannot access.


The frustratingly difficult nature of this game makes many gamers stay several miles away from it, but the most determined players add a Mugman to the team and forces him to take the blame each time the enemies deal them a great blow. 

With the Mugman as your sidekick and you playing as Cuphead, this game tasks you to navigate a top-down overworld. Here you will have to fight off enemies, beat levels and unlock new areas as you move from one stage to the next. To ace this game, you have to be smart enough to learn the enemy’s attack patterns and launch parries and attacks quickly and rationally. You should also look out for your partner to know when they’ve taken too many projectiles and are about to die. If you can reach them before they slide down the slope of death, you can revive them and keep your team intact and playing for longer. 

You can try out other fun co-op games, including It-Takes-Two, Towerfell Ascension, Remnant from Ashes, and The Division 2. With these games comes an overflowing rush of adrenaline that’ll keep you and your team pumped with excitement as the adventure and thrills unfold. 

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