Best Butterfly Knife Skins in CS:GO

Knives in CS:GO are the most popular items in the game. Even people who are far from shooters have heard about them and it is primarily due to their visual design. The fact is that by buying a knife, you not only get a decorative item but also a unique animation for using a new cold weapon.

The prices for some options may also surprise you. Options range from the cheapest knives to rare and unique samples with minimal item damage. Such a tool can cost several thousand dollars. It is the beauty of these things, as well as their high cost, that has brought them great popularity and demand, especially the CS:GO Butterfly Knife.

Consider the most interesting options.


The Fade skin has one of the highest prices amongst Butterfly Knife skins. On this skin, the chrome-coated blade is spray-painted in translucent orange, pink, and purple respectively, which smoothly blend into each other towards the tip. Gray paint has been applied to the surface of the knife handle. The handle is gray on a chrome surface as well.

Minimum price — $1,770 (Factory New).

Boreal Forest

On this skin, the blade surface has been applied with a woodland camouflage using green, gray, black, and khaki paint. The knife handle is painted emerald green and the adjustment of the handle is painted gray-green.

As Field-Tested, the largest abrasions are on the blade surface and curve, and they are very small.

It costs about $360.


On this skin, light red paint has been applied to the blade surface and the knife handle, and uneven stripes of a slightly darker red color are on its surface. Some parts of the knife have not been painted at all, giving it a more solid look.

This skin has only three types of qualities:

  • Factory New;
  • Minimal Wear;
  • Field-Tested.

It costs about $913.

Case Hardened

On this skin, the knife blade and handle lining have been lowered into hot charcoal, creating the drawings on the knife surface. The actual knife handle remains untouched.

Over time, the appearance of the knife changes little. It allows users to think about buying a cheaper skin.

The cost is about $520.

Urban Masked

This skin has one of the lowest prices among Butterfly Knife skins. On this skin, the entire surface of the knife is urban camouflage-painted in several shades of gray.

Talking about its appearance, the scratches on the knives are not very large. At the same time, it may seem that scratches only enhance this weapon.

Price — from $367.
Trading skins is very convenient. You just need to download the DMarket application on your phone. The main thing is to keep track of skins, to manage to sell them on time. The platform also allows you to withdraw money and does not charge any commission.

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