Best 3 Wheel Scooter For Adults

Best 3 Wheel Scooter For Adults

Scooters have become more and more popular as the the year has progressed. What started out as a craze popular with kids, has now grown to become a market inclusive of all ages.

I for one love the idea of getting around on a 3 wheeled scooter, I thought this would be a good resource for my readers. So, I’ve curated a list of the very best 3 wheel scooters for adults available on the market.

These adult sized scooters are perfect for business commuting or leisure riding and are widely available either via dedicated scooter retailers or somewhere like Amazon.

This list gives you an idea of the sort of 3 wheel scooters you can get for adults. So, it doesn’t matter if you need something for a birthday gift, or you’re looking for something for yourself, we’ve got you covered.

Some scooters on the market will be powered by either electric or gas. There are even some scooters that you can use on the road that are labeled as street legal. But, we won’t cover those in this article as it’s a bit of a grey area in terms of legality.

So, which scooters do we consider to be ideal for adults?

  1. YVolution Y Flicker
  2. AOODIL Swing Scooter
  3. Top Mate Electric Scooter
  4. HUITT 3 Wheeler
  5. 3 Wheel Drift Scooter

Best 3 Wheel Scooter For Adults

In this list you’ll find the price, a brief description of it and why we think it deserves it’s place on the list. We’ve also made it easy to purchase by including an affiliate link to the Amazon page. So, without further ado let’s get into the article. First up is the Yvolution Y Flicker.

YVolution Y Flicker

Best 3 Wheel Scooter For Adults

The coolest wheels on the block! The Y Fliker Lift is revved up to the max with a lightweight frame and super grip-wheels for insane stunts. Its unique LIFT mechanism lets you pull off crazy wheelies and even drift sideways on two wheels!

Twist your hips to self-propel up to top speed, carve up the streets and have some fun. Want to pop a wheelie? Simply lean back and feel the LIFT system engage while you leave everyone behind with endless handlebar spins and cool tricks!

Check it out on Amazon using the affiliate link, click here.

AOODIL Swing Scooter

Best 3 Wheel Scooter For Adults

Suitable for Various Age: The three-wheel scooter can suit teenagers or Adults playing scooters and close their gap to promote life, friendship, closeness, and family unity. There’s even a quick-response brake for increased control.

Adjustable Height Handlebar: The height Handlebars can be adjusted to the proper height to ride, the height can adjust between 95cm and 110cm. 3-wheels swing design adds scooter stability, and its 181-degree turn can transfer direction easily.

Propelled by Twisting your Hips, The three scooters develop kids’ body balance and coordination. The AODI SP01 features special technology designed for drifting and carving to pull off crazy moves. It’s so easy to make a U-turn. The plastic pedal plays an anti-skid function.

Check it out on Amazon using the affiliate link, click here.

TopMate ES31 Electric Scooter Mini

This is the first electric scooter on our list of the best 3 wheel scooters for adults. And it’s fantastic!

This could also be described as a folding tricycle. There is plenty of power to allow you to get up hill, up to a maximum 20% incline. It has a great battery allowing you lots of range.

The three speeds make it much safer to maneuver if you are using this inside. Crank it up to speed 3 and you’ll be zooming along at a great pace!

Speed 2 is the middle ground and it’s one you’ll find your self driving in for most of the time.

As this scooter is electric it’ll take you a bit of practice in an empty parking lot or large back yard to get the hang of it, but you’ll get there!

This scooter is perfect for the older adult wanting to get have a bit of fun or for an adult who can’t walk very far due to health issues. Either way, you’ll have a great time riding it.

Check it out on Amazon using the affiliate link, click here.

HUIIT 3 Wheel Electric Bike

This is actually described as a bike and not a 3 wheel scooter for adults but I wanted to include it anyway as it’s extremely good! It’s a little bit expensive and maybe out of reach for most of us.

It’s got a great feature set so in a way, it’s probably worth it. It”s built with a high quality aluminum alloy frame, the front fork is made of high-strength carbon steel and packed with premium comfort shock absorption.

It’ll be able to carry a total load capacity of 330lbs.

This scooter has a 350W high speed brushless gear motor. It’s also got a removable 48V lithium battery which will rocket you up to between 22 and 39km/h! It’s really quick and under the right conditions should get you anywhere between 31 and 80km on a full charge.

The built in fast charger technology will charge the battery in around 4 hours.

The good news is that this is one really stable scooter. According to the principle of triangular stability anyway! They have designed the Front tire to prevent rollover, and the 14-inch integrated wheels make the whole thing move forward extremely smoothly.

Check it out on Amazon using the affiliate link, click here.

Wheel Drift Scooter

The Power Rider 360 is a brand new, electric powered three-wheeler from Razor. With the push of the start button you’re off, no need to pedal. You’ll reach speeds of up to 9mph and be able to perform full 360 degree spins, slide, even drift on Power Rider 360’s high-performance duel inclined rear caster wheels.

The wheels are powered by a chain-driven motor, with push button throttle. And the the rechargeable battery should give you 40 minutes of continuous use.

As this is designed to be used for spins and tricks we highly recommend you wear a helmet when riding this scooter.

Check it out on Amazon using the affiliate link, click here.

Best 3 Wheel Scooter For Adults Buying Guide

Now you’ve seen the best 3 wheel scooter for adults, we thought it’d be good to help you make the right decision when choosing your next scooter.

It’s a sort of buyers guide covering the four areas you need to understand to help you make an informed decision. One of the most important of which, is the price.

The three things you need to know about 3 Wheel Scooters are:

  1. Weight Capacity
  2. Top Speed
  3. Durability & Build Quality
  4. Price

Weight capacity

Before you go ahead and buy your new 3 wheel scooter, you need to find out the weight capacity of it. We all know people don’t all weigh the same and your scooter of choice needs to be able to sustain your weight without causing any hardware failure to the scooter.

Make sure to check the maximum supported weight.


Be sure to check the top speed of your new scooter. All the scooters listed all have a different maximum speed. You need to select the scooter with your prefered speed rating.

Don’t get a scooter that’ll make you feel uneasy or uncomfortable as this can be dangerous, You don’t want to comprise your safety or the scooters energy efficiency.


You want to make sure your scooter of choice is durable. There’s no point buying a scooter that won’t handle a bit of punishment. Each of the scooters listed in this article have different durability ratings so it’s important to pay close attention to the product information.

It’s worth checking what the scooter is made of. The construction material will give you a decent understanding of how long it’s likely to last! You don’t want it breaking after just a few months of use.


And last but not least, the price. It needs to be affordable for your individual budget. Some scooters can cost a pretty penny so it’s important to take the price into account when selecting which one to buy.

You need to ensure you are getting good value for money. There isn’t any point buying a really expensive scooter for it to fail after a couple of months due to being made with poor quality materials.

And, speaking of price make sure to look into getting insurance for your scooter to protect you from accidents or theft.

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