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Edifier T5 Subwoofer Review

Here’s my Edifier T5 Subwoofer Review. It’s the first time I’ve collaborated with a friend on the blog. I’d asked him to have a look (and more importantly, a listen) at the T5 for a couple of different reasons. Firstly, he’s really enthusiastic about record players, amplifiers and all sorts […]


Cloud File Systems: Pros and Cons

Several years have passed since the time Cloud revolutionized the world of technology bringing new opportunities for various industries with on-demand software, infrastructure, and platforms.  Now, file systems and storages are the most popular when it comes to Cloud software-as-a-service. Many of us use them daily without even realizing it […]


Top 4 Games For Sports Fans

Millions of people around the world choose to spend their free time playing games, as it is the perfect way to relax from the daily struggles of normal life. The evolution in technology now means that games can be played on a broad number of devices, which means that those […]

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How is Python Used in the Finance Industry

What is Python? Python is a high-level, object-oriented, and interpreted programming language known for its semantics. It comes with high-level data structures, dynamic binding, and typing that make it one of the best programming languages for rapid application development and for connecting existing applications. It also comes with an easy […]