As a Streamer How Do You Deal with Toxic Behavior?

If you’re a streamer, you know that anyone can join your live stream, so you’re bound to get a mix of friendly people who are there to support you and negative people who are there to act like trolls. And those trolls might start a fight or bring you down with their comments. 

When you have a lot of trolls in your live stream, the overall vibe of the stream will deteriorate as a result. Not only will you be affected, but your supportive followers might also be affected, to the point that they might even decide to leave your life stream. So, knowing how to deal with this type of toxic behavior, and how to combat it, is truly important. Check out the tips below to discover a few ways that you can go about doing so.

First, You Need to Identify the Toxic Behavior

To start, you will need to know what is considered toxic behavior so you can more easily and quickly identify it during one of your streaming sessions. Typically, this behavior will include things like spam, hateful comments, harsh language, or even death threats. 

The key is to keep an eye on what’s going on in the comments during your stream so you can see the toxic behavior as soon as possible. Then, take action right away to stop it. The longer you let it go on, the worse it might become, making everyone really uncomfortable. 

Block Users Who Exhibit Toxic Behavior

Whether you work with someone who can help you monitor comments and address them right away, or you go about it all on your own during your live stream, one of the top ways that you can tackle toxic behavior is by simply blocking the users who are exhibiting that behavior in the first place. As soon as you see someone getting aggressive, you can give them a warning, and if they keep it up, you can block them so they will no longer be able to attend your live streams. 

Alternatively, if you don’t want to go through the blocking process for any reason, you can simply ignore the individuals who are causing trouble, and you can encourage everyone else who is watching your stream to do the same. Sometimes, this is enough to tire out a troll and get them to leave. 

Use Tools to Find Out If a Particular Person Is Truly Dangerous

Sometimes, trolls will go into a live stream to cause trouble just because they enjoy doing it. Other times, though, you might find that the same individual continues to target you and harass you during your live streams. At that point, you might want to get as much information about them as possible so you can decide if you need to take any serious action to protect yourself. 

For example, if you are able to get the person’s name, you can use Nuwber to run a quick background check on them that will include their contact details and their police records, among other helpful details. From that point, if you feel that you are in danger, you can alert the authorities to take steps to protect yourself. 

Bottom line: during your live streams, you don’t want toxic comments getting in the way, so take steps to keep your streams happy and safe from trolls. 

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