Apple may be forced to remove the lightning cable.
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Apple to remove Lightning cable

Apple maybe removing it’s Lightning Charging Cable Connector if a European Law is changed. If law makers vote for the proposed changes, their hands’ll be tied.

The lightning cable is used to charge and sync a whole host Apple Devices, such as the AirPods, iPhone and previous generations of the iPad.

A lot of independent tech companies sell an aftermarket lightning charging cable, it’s big business. Anker sell one of the best lightning charging cables on the market, how will this potential change affect their and other smaller companies business models? Hopefully the EU lawmakers take this into consideration before voting.

Tech giants may be forced to adopt a universal charging method as they feel there are far to many different cables on the market. There are two other charging cables available; USB-C and micro-USB. These are used to charge and sync Android devices. Apple has taken steps already be removing the Lightning connector on the 2019 iPad.

A vote will take place in Europe soon, the actual date hasn’t been set yet. Apple have said that the proposed regulation would stifle innovation and be disruptive to consumers. We agree, In our opinion the lightning cable is far superior to micro-USB and is on-par with USB-C

30 PIN Connector Removed

Back in September 2014 Apple got rid of their original 30 pin connector. The EU passed a law called the Radio Equipment Directive, which would ensure a “renewed effort to develop a common charger”.

The idea then was to use the new USB-C technology but Apple said that it’s new phones and devices would be unable to fit the then new USB-C technology due to them being on the slim side. It was said that the cost of implementing the new USB-C standard would cost up to $2bn (£1.53bn) to meet the new standard.

Wireless Charging

Apple have already implemented wireless charging tech in it’s new devices. So the by removing the lightning charging cable may not be too disruptive. However wireless charging is still fairly new. We wonder if new developments in wireless tech can allow it to now compete with traditional charging.

Analysts are predicting that they could scrap its charging port altogether. They’ll likely release future models of the iPhone and iPad that don’t feature any ports what so ever, they’ll have to rely on wireless charging technology.

Apple Lightning Cable F.A.Q’s

When did Apple remove the 30-pin connector?

Apple removed the 30-pin connector in September 2014. The last model to feature the 30-pin was the iPhone 4s.

Will Apple remove the lightning cable connector?

If the EU vote on a new EU Directive they may be forced to remove lighting cable connectors.

How much are lightning cables?

Lightning cables cost between £5 – £10 ($18 – $15)

Who makes the best Apple Lightning Cable?

We think the best lightning cable is made by Anker, you can check their website for more details.

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