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An Investigation Was Opened Regarding HUNDEN’s Allegations

HUNDEN is one of the CS: GO coaches that people are not able to support anymore on sites like when making bets. This is because the former player, along with 36 other players, used the spectator bug, which led to them being banned. Initially, it was said that he did it without the knowledge of the Heroic team. Recently, though, his claim has changed, and ESIC said they finally opened an investigation into these new claims. 

What Happened?

Nicolai ‘HUNDEN’ Petersen was one of the CS: GO coaches that ended up being banned last year due to abusing a spectator bug. According to HUNDEN, Heroic knew nothing about this. At the end of August 2021, though, he changed this claim. He was fired from Heroic due to leaking information to competitors. Then, he went to an interview where he revealed that a few players from Heroic knew that he was using the spectator bug. 

TV 2 uses some evidence too, which includes a conversation between the coach and Nikolaj ‘niko’ Kristensen. In this conversation, niko admits that he knows about the bug usage. Dexerto received the conversation snippet as well. It looked like it was all just a portion of a much larger conversation between the two. On top of that, HUNDEN declared that he also submitted some documents to ESIC. Later on, the site mentioned showing the information to niko, who didn’t want to comment on the situation.

But Joachim Haraldsen, the CEO of Heroic, made a written response to the allegations HUNDEN made. 

“I have honestly had enough of HUNDEN’s attacks on all the boys he has trained,” he said. “I think he should grow up and take responsibility for what he did. He’s told TV 2 that he would submit his documentation to ESIC (Esports Integrity Commission). So far we have not seen anything. We will certainly help ESIC with all the material they may need from us, but we no longer want to enter into a public discussion about accusations that ‘someone’ knew ‘something’ when it is based solely on isolated fragments of information without any context. This is not the way to prove or disprove anything.”

What Will Happen Moving Forward?

The evidence was made public. So, ESIC now has to verify the information and see whether it is correct or not. Heroic will, of course, have to deal with consequences if proven they knew about the bug.

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