Amazon Luna UK Release Date
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Amazon Luna UK Release Date

Amazon Luna UK release date rumours are rife after Amazon finally announced it’s long-rumoured cloud-based games-streaming service, Luna.

Luna will allow to play games on remote computer servers meaning you won’t need to buy or own a console or powerful gaming PC! Or you’ll need is a controller.

Gamers can subscribe to the Luna+ channel and will get access to a library of select older games such as Control, Resident Evil: Biohazard, Sonic Mania Metro: Exodus and more for just $6 a month.

Over 100 games will be available to play on the service at launch with more being announced all the time.

Amazon Luna UK Release Date is coming soon.
Amazon Luna UK Release Date is coming soon.

Amazon Luna UK Release Date

When it launches, Luna will work with Amazon’s own devices such as it’s Fire TV dongles. We’re interested to see if games will run on their Echo Show devices. It’ll also be able to be used with Windows and MacOS devices such as the iPhone, iPad and Windows Edge browser.

It’s worth noting that support for Apple devices may end up changing due to Apple restricting other games-streaming services that did not obey its App Store rules recently. So don’t hold your breath.

Luna will compete with Google Stadia. Stadia launched about a year ago (November 19th 2019) which had a big hype surrounding it. But, it hasn’t quite lived up to expectations. Slim pickings when it came to the games you can play with your subscription ensured Stadia had a tough time trying to become established. This hasn’t really allowed it’s self to stand out from the crowd in a somewhat busy area of the gaming market place.

The trouble with Luna is that we’ve already got Xbox Games Pass, PlayStation Now, Apple Arcade and EA Play and Stadia all competing for players hard earned cash. Is it becoming too crowded? And will it get too expensive?

If you have the cash to fork out for a console then PS Plus or Xbox Game Pass is probably the best value in our opinion.

How to register for Amazon Luna

Amazon Luna UK Release Date: There are some amazing games available to play with early access.
Amazon Luna UK Release Date: There are some amazing games available to play with early access.

Go to Amazon and sign in.

Go to the Amazon Luna Homepage and click the big icon in the middle of the page to register.

Next, you’ll be asked to fill in a super quick survey. The questions ask you what type of gamer are, how often you play and devices you own. They’ll also ask you how fast your internet is. Just go to google and search ‘broadband speed test’ if you don’t know.

Once you’ve done that you can click Request early access.

Everyone that applies to Amazon Luna early access won’t be allowed in. They probably have a set list of criteria to fill and mix gamers of all abilities and internet speeds. If you aren’t approved, don’t worry it’ll be available to everyone soon!

Amazon will contact you if you’re accepted.

So when is it going to be available in the UK?

Amazon say that Luna is only available by invite only at this time. And, you have to be resident in the US. We did try and switch our location to the US using a VPN but there’s no fooling Amazon. They knew we aren’t based in the states.

We recon the Amazon Luna UK Release Date will be some time in December 2020 just in time for the Christmas holidays or in January 2021.

So just to clarify then. There is no official release date for the service in the UK, and the service is currently only available via an early access invitation for players that reside in the US.

Amazon Luna UK Release Date Further Information

We’ll update this article when we hear more. Or, you can check out the Amazon Luna Homepage. Just hit the link.

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