5 Best Email Signature Generator of 2021(with Pictures)

Email signatures are a necessary element of corporate communication, and an email signature generator is here to help. Using it has a significant favorable impact on the handling and legitimacy of documentation in enterprises.

This cutting-edge gadget allows a company to sign any email with complete precision and accuracy. Many service providers have begun to offer this tool as a result of its growing popularity and viability.

This is where an end-user requires professional and unbiased advice, since not every email signature generator is capable of facilitating and automating the email signature process without jeopardizing data security.

Well, we’re here to provide a hand with this list of the top five email signature generators that have made a name for themselves all around the world. So, let’s get this party started.

1: CocoSign; Email Signature Generator

CocoSign should be the first item on the list. This cloud-based email signature generator is appropriate for everyone, CocoSign is one of the best tools to sign a pdf using a digital signature. whether they are a little business, a large corporation, a skilled team, or a novice. It is a simple-to-use tool that has grown in popularity around the world.

DocuSign is perfect, as evidenced by the numerous prizes it has received to date. Overall, CocoSign is the best option for businesses looking for a cost-effective yet highly effective email signature generating solution.

Here are some of the most important features of CocoSign, the incredible tool that allows you to produce electronic signatures using a signature generator:

Security at the highest level

This is one of the very few email signature generators that never compromise data security. It is protected by the world’s most advanced and current security mechanisms, as well as all major compliances such as HIPAA, GDPR, PCI DSS, and others.

Each email sign and related communication is well-encrypted and covered with a 128-bit SSL layer of protection, ensuring that no cyber world threat may destroy your business communications.

Hundred percent customization

CocoSign gives business owners a lot of flexibility when it comes to signature modification. They can upload documents in a variety of formats, change the size and content of the signs, and control the sign sequence.

You can establish a sequence using CocoSign and allow the signee to sign in that sequence. It also allows the end-user to sign in two ways at the same time.

Document Tracking in Real-Time

CocoSign allows you to track documents in real-time and see who has signed the email/document. When numerous people must sign the same email, this functionality comes in handy. The time and work saved by the rapid tracking tool are enormous.

Integration with G-Suite

G-suite integration is included in CocoSign. An end-user can establish a digital signature straight from Google Docs, Google Sheets, and other Google-enabled apps thanks to this integration. This integration simplifies and streamlines the process.

Capabilities in the Offline World

CocoSign can function even if there is no active internet connection. End users can upload documents to the website, save them as draughts, and process them at a later time.

Excellent compatibility

CocoSign is compatible with all major platforms and provides a lot of versatility when it comes to email signature production. It’s one of the most user-friendly sign-on-the-go solutions.

2: Signature Generator

It’s difficult to match Signature Generator capabilities. But, as we promised at the outset, we’ll also inform you about other options.

So, following CocoSign, Signature Generator gets our vote. This digital signature generator can create signatures on emails from any location. It’s simple to use and requires no bother.

Its system-generated signature is simple to use and produces digital signatures that look like wet ink. You can see the current status of the signed documents on the dashboard and monitor them simply. The drag-and-drop tool makes moving objects a breeze.

While it performs admirably on the majority of fronts, it lacks the security capabilities that CocoSign provides.

3: WiseStamp 

In essence, WiseStamp is a Contract Management Platform with an integrated electronic signature generator. It is beneficial to generate legally binding contracts in addition to emails, as it comes with a variety of contract templates.

However, it performs admirably when it comes to producing electronic signatures.

The interface is simple and intuitive to use, and it can be accessed from any location. This email signature generator accepts a variety of file types. However, when a small firm is contemplating it, its high cost can be a huge disadvantage.

CocoSign is hard to beat in terms of price, as it offers a free account and a 14-day free trial.

4: Signature Maker

Signature Maker is the next app on the list. This is an online signature generating program that allows organizations to process digital signatures with minimal effort. It contains cutting-edge upload-sign-send technology that makes it simple to process numerous digital signatures.

The entire procedure is streamlined, quick, and error-free because it is well-integrated with many third-party tools like Google Apps and Zapier. Multi-level automation saves a significant amount of time and work.

Not only that, but it also has a responsive API for customizing sophisticated integrations.

5: Eversign

Our final choice is Eversign. This online signature generator assists companies of all sizes in processing email signatures over the internet.

The platform is safe enough for business-critical documents to be uploaded, but it falls short of CocoSign. Nonetheless, because it is a well-monitored platform, many firms have put their trust in it.

There is no need to download or install anything in order to use this program. You can upload the document to the website, edit it there, and save it for later. This tool does not require any prior technical knowledge or experience.

The current device and browser are sufficient to put it into operation. While it is a fine pick, it falls short of our expectations in terms of signature customization.


One instrument that will make document handling in a corporate environment risk-free, rapid, and error-free is a digital email signature generator. However, you’ll need a dependable instrument for this work.

We just discussed five options that we hand-picked. While each solution is excellent, we have yet to find one that is as successful as CocoSign. It is unquestionably the greatest option, with military-grade security encryption and high-end customization.

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