Games that don't exist (yet)

4 Would-Be Hit Games That Don’t Exist (Yet)

No one really needs more video games. There are enough of them out there that you could try something new every day of your life and never run out of options (probably — I didn’t do the math). Nevertheless, I (like a lot of gamers, I expect) can never stop thinking about the titles I’d like to see. Usually they come to mind when I’m watching a show or movie that doesn’t have a gaming adaptation, or when I’m playing a smaller game I’d like to see blown up into something bigger.

Sometimes it works out. I wanted a John Wick game on a major console desperately, and now one is on the way; I wanted an adventure set in ancient Greece, and the Assassin’s Creed series obliged. But there are alway more games I’d like to see, and I thought I’d write about a few of them here.

1. Quidditch VR

Okay, folks. Put aside any feelings about the Harry Potter series you may have, positive or negative. Put aside the fact that Harry Potter’s most recent foray into gaming (Wizards Unite in AR) was relatively underwhelming. And forget about any associations you may have with the decidedly hit-or-miss nature of modern virtual realty. Just ask yourself this: How fun would it be to play a virtual sport that required you to fly around on a broomstick?

I can’t get this idea out of my head. VR isn’t perfect, but it’s capable of some astounding immersion already. And if there’s one thing millions and millions of people grew up wanting to do (thanks to the Harry Potter series) that simply isn’t possible, it’s fly a broomstick. VR can make it a reality. Already, there are VR apparatuses built for exercise that provide a sensation that one is suspended in flight. Imagine one built like a comfortable broomstick that you could sit on while strapping on a headset and entering the high-speed world of J.K. Rowling’s wizard sport. You could form teams with friends, play against fictional witches and wizards, and even suit up for your national team for the World Cup.

A few small versions of a game like this have been experimented with in VR, but I’m talking about a full-fledged, licensed Quidditch game. It would be an absolute blast.

2. The Fast & The Furious

When was the last time we had a go-to racing game that really got people excited? I suppose it was DRIVECLUB on PS4, though it feels like that was more the result of advertising than any real adoration. Well, I think the ludicrous-but-lovable Fast & Furious film franchise could produce a new game that would knock everyone’s socks off.

The key would be working in action from throughout the series — including some fighting sequences, races in different locations and with different vehicles, high-speed heists, and ideally some of the actual cast doing voice acting. This isn’t an entirely original idea. It struck me while I was playing the “Legacy” mobile game, which encompassed all the films up to that point, and which was actually a lot of fun. But a similar concept blown up to console size, with extensive gameplay and some action away from the streets as well, would have a huge audience — just like the films do.

3. Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

I’m a bit of a sucker for a dark mystery. I love mobile games like The Room and Year Walk; I fondly remember L.A. Noire and The Wolf Among Us. And if there’s material standing by waiting to be turned into a hit like some of those games, it might well be the tale of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

While said tale is a little bit old school, it actually has a place in present-day gaming, for those interested in exploring the casino category. This category isn’t the most readily available to everyone, but online slots have come to the U.S, at least in the case of a small handful of states. New Jersey and Pennsylvania in particular have been pioneers in attempting to revolutionize online casino play in the states, and both are now home to a number of thriving gaming sites.

Those gaming sites have a lot of different offerings, but the slots are front and center, and many if not most of them are based on fun central characters. Among those characters are — you guessed it — Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Their slot game (or <em>his</em> slot game, depending on how you look at it) is a lighthearted take on the dark, original tale. But in tumbling on this slot game, carefree though it may be, it hit me like a lightning bolt that this iconic tale would make for an excellent gritty mystery game.

I envision it on a console — with darker takes on the characters than the slot game puts forth, and perhaps with an open-world Victorian London environment. You could switch between Jekyll managing day-to-day life and experiments and Hyde haunting the city. That said, it may be more realistic to dream of the same sort of game scaled down to mobile.

4. Superman

Truth be told, I’m not even a huge Superman fan. But there’s little denying how much fun it would be to embody the Man of Steel in a beautiful open-world console game. Between the flying, the super strength, and the x-ray vision, you’d have full control over your environment and basically be able to wreak havoc (and, uh, fight crime) to your heart’s content.

More importantly though, there is a massive gap where a Superman title ought to be in the gaming world. That’s really what gave me the idea. I kept bumping into minor Superman appearances here and there…. There were some disappointing computer games when <em>Man Of Steel</em> hit theaters; the character appears in the Injustice games; and incidentally, Superman has a few slot games you might see at some of the aforementioned casino sites as well. But there really isn’t a go-to Superman game. At least, there certainly isn’t one on the same level of Batman’s Arkham series. As someone else put it, Superman has never starred in a good video game.

There have been off-and-on rumors of a major Superman console game, at least, so here’s hoping this idea, at least, will come to fruition!

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